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Abstaining from alcohol for a month. Anyone care to join me?

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gibbberish Fri 15-May-09 11:07:38

Have decided to have NO alcohol for 30 days for the following reasons:

It has become too much of a habit to have a drink in the evening

I haven't been sleeping properly and I know I sleep better if I haven't had a glass (or four) of wine

I am feeling exhausted throughout the day and look like a hundred years old due to not sleeping properly

It's too flaming expensive

I am keen to be healthier

I want to lose weight for the summer

So this is it. Commitment time. Day 1.

Is there anyone out there who wishes to do the same?

MIFLAW Fri 15-May-09 15:51:53

Good luck.

gibbberish Fri 15-May-09 19:34:19

Thanks I'm going to need it grin

Seems like I am the only one though...

Going to regret it tonight when everyone on here is drinking their wine and being very merry under the influence hmm

nightcat Sat 16-May-09 12:45:52

I did it in lent with no trouble at all, in fact I felt so much better that I have carried on, so good luck. I also lost a little weight in the process, not a bad thing. I look at unopened wine bottles and don't even get tempted any more. The only time I had a drink since was @ a leaving do.

Plonketyplonk Sat 16-May-09 13:10:00

I'll try and join you too! I've been very busy at a festival for the past fortnight, so it would be no bad thing to stop for a bit.

swanriver Sat 16-May-09 18:05:37

Gibbberish, I'll join you for 30 days, except Saturday nights I'm having one glass.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 16-May-09 18:07:32

I'd like to join you - I really need to! - but I'm off for a long weekend with DH on Thursday. Have been thinking of doing this in June.

scattyspice Sat 16-May-09 18:31:57

I'm in except for Fri and sat (and maybe sun hmm) but only 1 glass (not 3).

Good luck tonight.

gibbberish Sat 16-May-09 22:51:05

How lovely grin Thanks very much. Need all the encouragement and motivation we can get!

Well done nightcat. That's very encouraging.

BIWI enjoy your long weekend then join us when you get back!

Plonkety, have you started today?

Thanks scatty and swan. Knew I could count on you grin

Day 2 for me. Feeling very good today. Had an absolutely brilliant sleep last night, the first for ages, and woke up feeling great! So benefits already smile

Not even feeling tempted tonight. dh has gone to pub so at least he is not drinking in front of me.

scattyspice Sun 17-May-09 09:46:27

Morning Gib and others. How did you get on last night? The problem for me is that dh and I love our slightly drunken Fri nights when we kick back and forget our responsibilities grin. The trouble is those pesky responsibilities have a habbit of waking us up in the night and needing lots of high energy attention all weekend (hmm).

Last night I managed to nurse a glass of wine all night (while dh had his few beers and kept asking me if I wanted a top up). Felt a bit of a party pooper though sad.

However this morning I feel TIP TOP grin. So I shall persevere.

gibbberish Sun 17-May-09 16:53:14

Well done scatty grin I can't believe either how much better I feel.

Day 3 and going strong. Bit worried about tonight though as we are having a barbecue and my sis and bil are coming round. They are big drinkers so not doubt will be bringing plenty of it with them. Sob.

Have every intention though of seeing this through. Have decided to up drinking water.

Plonketyplonk Sun 17-May-09 17:28:47

Cordial things are good. I like liquorice teahmm. Last night I had one drink at the theatre and drove home. I feel so much better after a few days of not drinking. It's after that that I'm less good at stopping!

swanriver Sun 17-May-09 22:22:07

Not tempted at all for last two days, possibly because we haven't really sat down for supper together, I keep falling asleep whilst reading kids a story...
Just feel a strong craving for green veg.

Candide Mon 18-May-09 02:08:20

I will join you all as agree totally with what everyone has said about sleeping badly and then feeling tired. Had a few glasses of wine earlier today and hence am awake at this godforsaken hour. I gave up for a few weeks earlier this year and experienced exactly the same falling asleep at story time that swanriver describes. It was quite nice!

Wine is also very dehydrating so am hoping that might look less wrinkled after 30 days abstinence too grin.

swanriver Mon 18-May-09 09:53:05

Day 3! feeling rather tired now, could it be detoxing grin
I also think sugar is part of tiredness problem not just alcohol per se. So trying to cut down on sugar in general.

Candide Mon 18-May-09 10:30:13

Go with the green veg swanriver. I have never had such a craving - maybe the wine was preventing me! However don't think I'll be stocking up on cabbage just yet.

gibbberish Mon 18-May-09 21:01:50

Welcome candide smile Also hoping to dewrinkle!

Weekend was fine. Day 4 and feeling fine. Definitely sleeping better and trying to drink more water. For some reason have gone off tea and coffee, or really the milk in it, so have switched to green tea. Tres healthy.

Off to watch 24. Might actually be able to see it until the end without falling asleep now! grin

swanriver Mon 18-May-09 22:07:42

Day 3 and feeling no desire for alcohol. But still feeling tired and headachy.
Going to bed now I think shock

scattyspice Tue 19-May-09 07:49:51

You guys are doing well. Excellent self control Gib to survive the BBQ without a drink smile.

I had a can of larger with dh on Sunday night (not very good at this am I hmm). but just tea last night. Also DD slept in her own bed for the first time in weeks so feeling tip top this morning grin.

ElenorRigby Tue 19-May-09 10:45:49

OK I'm in
Just been to the doctor who has put me back on anti depressants. Alcohol won't help with my depression, so here I am. Day 1 for me

Candide Tue 19-May-09 11:59:54

Day 2 and sleeping pattern has changed to going to bed early and getting up early feeling very perky.

Have stocked up with diet coke, not as healthy as the rest of you I'm afraid.

V impressed by BBQ abstinence - my main worry is that am off on holiday for half term so a few glasses may be tempting & won't be able to access Mumsnet for inspiration.

Wrinkles are still quite wrinkly

swanriver Tue 19-May-09 12:29:58

Day 4 here of abstinence.
Noticing real lack of sugar high sugar low as a result of alcohol reduction, still have a headache though...

ElenorRigby Tue 19-May-09 12:38:08

If only I got headache's.
Congrats on getting to day 4

scattyspice Tue 19-May-09 12:42:37

sad Elenor - did the Dr think alcohol contributes to depression? I sometimes think that if I have more than 1 drink then I am crabby (tense etc) the next day so have a hard day then feel I 'need' a drink to unwind at the end of it (and so on...).

ElenorRigby Tue 19-May-09 13:13:50

Its kind of a cycle isnt it scatty. You drink to unwind, drink too much, it mucks up your sleep, you wake up feeling crap, the day get's off on the wrong foot, you have a crap day, so you drink to unwind. etc
Of course alcohol is a depressant, so is constant stress. One follows the other making things worse.
Poor me...Ive had a really tough time since I became pregnant with DD who was unplanned. Didnt drink whilst pg of course, the cycle started when I had PND.
Anyway time to break that cycle and get well. I am sick of feeling like crap. Im off to the gym later and then onto Slimming World this evening. It's definately time for me to look after me wink
Thansks for the thread, it was just what I needed.

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