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wee smells a bit odd

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sparkle Tue 03-May-05 21:28:55

my dd (nearly 1) has had a couple of nappies recently with really horrible smelly wee. Could it be something she's eaten or maybe a urine infection?
She is teething at the moment so a little grouchy but no other symptoms.

tiffini Tue 03-May-05 21:37:31

have you changed the brand of nappies, when my DS was younger i could not use the pampers, they smelled terrible when he weed in them.

Sugarmag Wed 04-May-05 06:37:06

that's right - pampers do give off a funny smell when wet. But yes, it could definitely be something she's eaten. I don't suppose you've been feeding her asaparagus - that's an obvious one but there are other foods - especially if they're new to her - that could cause it.

Twiglett Wed 04-May-05 07:32:58

does she drink enough?

sparkle Wed 04-May-05 08:58:20

yes to all of these!!

We've just been to Tenerife and so she had a different brand of nappies towards the end as I bought them out there. She has had asparagus and loves it. She drinks a lot of water as well.

Thanks everyone.

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