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How do you know if your child has a food intolerance?

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Essie Sat 26-Apr-03 20:45:28

My dd for the last 2 wks is causing me confusion!! I don't doubt it will ever get better as she gets older, but the problem we are having at the moment is baffling. She is fine and chirpy during the day, eats her breakfast, lunch, has a kip then eats her evening dinner absolutely fine. For about 2 weeks now she will start screaming in her cot a few hours after sleeping and you will go to see what the problem is, and she will be covered in vomit. I get her up, clean her up, sort the bedding out, she goes back to sleep with no complaints and sleeps fine till morning, and the day time comes around again and you would never know she has had a chucking session! It hasn't been every night, but nearly. I am beginning to get a little concerned. The last 2 days she hasn't slept well after lunch. She still needs that kip (she is only 14months old) and is vile come tea time without it! Do you think it could be an intolerance to something? Tonight she had macaroni cheese for dinner. She always has some warm milk before bedtime too. I am wondering if she has developed a dairy allergy. But as I am totally out of my depth I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? I think I shall take her along to the local hospital dr tomorrow just to check it out.

SoupDragon Sat 26-Apr-03 20:49:51

What milk is she having for her bed time drink? DS1 threw up every night for a week when we changed from the purple C&G follow on milk to the gold one. As soon as we twigged and switched back, he was fine. He was just the same as your DD - threw up a couple of hours after his bed time and was right as rain. Really bizarre.

Hope you get to the bottom of the problem & your DD is better soon.

Essie Sat 26-Apr-03 21:10:46

I took her off formula at 1yrs old. She has been having Full Cream Milk since then and its only now there is a problem.......

SoupDragon Sat 26-Apr-03 21:17:12

You could try a dairy free day and see if she still throws up. I can't help thinking that she' be throwing up more often if it was a dairy allergy as there's dairy in so many things as an added ingredient.

I think it's worth taking her to see your doctor and seeing what he suggests. You could try keeping a food diary to see if there is any pattern.

robinw Sat 26-Apr-03 21:28:14

message withdrawn

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