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canines before front teeth ?

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fredly Tue 03-May-05 17:15:48

My 8 months old dd cut her first teeth at 3mths. Nothing happened after that until a few days ago when I noticed that she's now cutting her upper canines !! Is this normal ? Surely she should be cutting her upper front teeth first ?! Poor darling, she's going to look like a vampire !!

Clayhead Tue 03-May-05 17:30:16

Don't know if it's normal or not but I had 2 vampire-like babies!!

It soon went though, when the middle teeth came through. Still, got some piccies to show them when they're older...

hermykne Tue 03-May-05 17:30:28

i am actually thinking my ds, 9mths, is cutting molars and he only has in two front bottom teeth, but it looks raw at that particular point.

maybe it happens

PinkFluffPudding Tue 03-May-05 17:30:35

Yes - I grew my canines before my front teeth, as yes I looked like a ittle vampire (although if i do say so myself quite a cute one!)

SoupDragon Tue 03-May-05 17:46:58

Not canines but both DSs cut the outer two front teeth before the middle two. Cute little vampires

Twiglett Tue 03-May-05 17:50:17

yep DD too - we called her the 'vampira the bat baby'

Sponge Tue 03-May-05 17:53:29

Yes I had a little vampire too. Very cute but he's got the middle ones now. Make the most of the time when those teeth don't meet - the biting is less painful.

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