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SS with drug/mental health problems...Any advice?

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squirrel3 Tue 03-May-05 12:32:27

Don't really know how to get this all into words but here goes...

SS has had a drug problem for a while now, he was going to come to live with us for a while but he seemed to be slowly sorting himself out so his mother said he could stay at home.

This morning DP had a frantic phone call from BM because SS had smashed her home up (again) but then he collapsed in a heap and started sobbing and screaming that he needs help and begging for someone to help him, DP has (of course) rushed over to see what he can do, I told him that he needs to take him to the GP and ask for some emergency counselling.

DP texted me and told me that he has phoned a hospital and SS is being admitted this afternoon, my worry is that this hospital is for people with serious mental health problems, I don't think that SS's problem is that serious, I feel that he needs drug rehab not this kind of hospital, (then again I haven't seen him today) I’ve known off people who have gone onto this hospital with one problem and come out with several more. I've tried to phone DP to find out more but he has switched his phone off and I'm sitting here imagining the worst. I feel so useless; I don't know what to do.

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