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Fibroids and periods

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sleepsforwimps Mon 11-May-09 10:35:29

I am getting horrific pain when I have a period and I am beginning to wonder if it is due to fibroids. My periods due to breastfeeding only came back when ds was 8 months, I am now on my 3rd period and I have been in excruciating pain on and off which seems to be linked to my bowel. I can only describe the pain as very similar to the period type contractions I had with my ds it is that bad it's crippling me.

I had a retained placenta with my first baby and found out when I was sent for a scan to check it had all been removed that I had fibroids. They have never caused any problems, but after googling fibroids I am thinking they could be the reason for the pain I'm suffering as I only experience this pain during my period.

Has anyone else had this type of pain caused by fibroids and how was it treated? I am really nervous about going to the doctors about it, but am going to make an appointment for tomorrow. Would just like to know what they may suggest the course of action should be if it is the fibroids.

Galava Mon 11-May-09 10:39:17

I was diagnosed with fibroids after an antenatal scan.

I was worried and googled too much.

However, I dont think my fibroids affect me in any way ... apart from bleeding for weeks and weeks after DCs were born. I certainly dont have the pain you describe.

Good for you for booking a GP appointment straight away.

Let us know how you get on.

EvenBetaDad Mon 11-May-09 11:14:49

sleepsforwimps - my DW has the same problem but not the degree of pain you have.

She has very very heavy perods and a lot of on and off irritable bowel pain throughout the month including bloating. It is interesting you report bowel pain.

A few weeks ago she went for a scan and they confirmed the cause is probably fibroids which they can see. The consultant says they can be cut out or even a hysterectomy BUT but unless the symptoms are severe he did not recommend that route.

[I would be interested to see what others say as I am a quite worried about my DW. The bleeding and other symptoms seem to have got much worse over the last year].

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 11-May-09 15:56:26


Your symptoms do seem familiar to me as an endometriosis sufferer.

You should be evaluated properly by a gynae to see if endometriosis is behind this (as there can be bowel involvement with endo as well). Fibroids can cause heavy bleeding but not pain.

Scans and blood tests do not pick up endo if it is there. Endo though is usually only diagnosed through keyhole surgery (laparoscopy). Any symptoms that are cyclical in nature and get worse during menstruation should be further checked out in any event.

EvenBetaDad - I think your DW should see the gynae again or get a second opinion as again endometriosis needs to be confirmed or ruled out. Was endo ever mooted as another possible cause?.

Both of you may find this website helpful:-

EvenBetaDad Mon 11-May-09 17:13:17

Attila - many thanks for the link.

I don't think it is endometriosis but it certainly is possible as a secondary condition along with the fibroids which she definitley knows she has from her scans.

I noticed on the endo site you linked that there was talk of ovarian cysts which she also does have on her one remaining ovary. She also suffers from some of the other symptoms metioned there.

As a comparison I also looked at a few other sites on fibroids earlier today and one I noticed said that a a woman approching menopause with fibroids will tend to find they reduce in size. I wonder if this reduction in size was already happening and that accounted for the extra bleeding? She is only 45 but with one ovary I suspect she may menopause early.

I think that a second opinion may well be wise as she does undoubtedly suffer from a mix of some of the endo and some of the fibroid symptoms but not severe pain.

MrsMerryHenry Mon 11-May-09 17:17:52

Just go to doctor, describe your symptoms and insist on a scan.

The classic period-related symptom of fibroids is heavy, clotted periods. Do you have this too? If not it may not be fibroids but I wouldn't want to diagnose on your behalf. Why don't you have a wee scout round the internet - there's loads of info reliable you can find (I'm a bit of a fibroid expert now due to internet).

Also for any menstrual cycle-related probs I highly recommend taking wheatgrass/ barleygrass (tastes like grass but v effective) as it helps to balance out hormones. Basically it assists your liver in processing excess hormones, toxins, etc. I have fibroid pain during ovulation, not during periods - but the wheatgrass significantly lessens the pain and is thought to reduce the size of the fibroids (fingers crossed).

MrsMerryHenry Mon 11-May-09 17:18:48

Should add that you can get the grass juice in powdered form from health shops - a bit pricey, I'm afraid, but having spent loads on all sorts of other alternative remedies this is definitely the most effective IME.

sleepsforwimps Mon 11-May-09 17:50:36

Thankyou all so much for your replies, they are really, really appreciated.

The pain seems to be less today but I am now on day 4 of my period so hopefully this is the end of the pain for this month... Never liked periods much, who does, but now I'm dreading next months...

My periods are fairly heavy but no heavier than they've ever been, so maybe it isn't the fibroids causing the trouble??? I have been googling fibroids and bowel pressure is mentioned but if there's always a significant increase in how heavy the period is, and I haven't had that, then god knows what's wrong with me!

AttilaTheMeerkat thankyou for the link I'll have a good read of that site.

Oh dear I'm getting myself in a bit of a state now at what it could be.. I am definitely going to the doctors tomorrow, I'll let you all know how I get on.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 11-May-09 20:34:46

I have lots of fibroids and do have very heavy and painful periods, as well as some problems with conceiving/recurrent mc's.

I started taking wheatgrass juice (thanks to MrsMerryHenry on another thread) and I conceived much more quickly than with dd and after having an early scan today, my fibroids are significantly smaller than they were previously (largest is 5cm as opposed to 12 cm in diameter). It could of course be totally unconnected, but just wanted to let you know

Good luck at the docs tomorrow smile

sleepsforwimps Tue 12-May-09 10:02:37

Well I've just been to the doctors and she doesn't think the pain I'm describing sounds like fibroids. I've been referred for an ultra scan though so hopefully that will shed some light on what an earth is causing the pain.

sleepsforwimps Tue 12-May-09 10:03:59

Ooops that should read ultra sound scan

Galava Tue 12-May-09 11:49:14

Thats good. Hope you get some answers soon.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 12-May-09 14:14:01

Hi sleepsforwimps,

Re your comment:-

"I've been referred for an ultra scan though so hopefully that will shed some light on what an earth is causing the pain".

Did GP mention endo as a possible cause?. Probably not (many GPs are seemingly ignorant of this very common gynae problem. Endo as well is the second most common gynae issue seen in women after fibroids).

The caveat I would give to your comment as well is that an internal ultrasound scan will NOT detect endometriosis if it is present. If the scan also is clear I would insist on a referral to a gynae as a matter of course. Your GP must refer you to a specialist asap.

MrsMerryHenry Tue 12-May-09 23:50:36


Also huge congrats to you. Wow, how exciting. One thing to note is that often the old 'broids either flatten out during pregnancy or shrink altogether - basically because the body is diverting the blood supply to your well-deserving baby as opposed to your non-deserving bloody fibroids. Sometimes this can lead to pain (called 'red degeneration') as they deteriorate. Fingers crossed for you as it sounds like it's all going very well so far. Just wanted to flag that up as it may not be down to the grim grassy brew that you and I consume on a daily basis.

Amazing that you conceived more quickly, though - it's also brilliant for improving your overall health/ getting rid of unpleasant things like toxins and excess hormones, so it's possible that it is what helped you conceive so easily.

I think the same may have happened to me in an unplanned sort of way...(gulp!) - will find out for sure on Friday!

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 13-May-09 08:25:04

grin MrsMerryHenry. Good luck for Friday. How exciting grin

I have no idea whether the wheatgrass has helped or whether its pure coincidence but taking 2 months to conceive as opposed to the 2 years it took with dd shocked the hell out of us shock smile

I've also felt so much better in this pregnancy (so far). I was hideously sick for about 26 weeks with dd and had lots of pain, but there's been nothing like that so far with this one (again, I know people do just have totally different pregnancies each time)

Even so - thank you anyway for the info on the wheatgrass - just in case it is the miracle worker it could be smile

MrsMerryHenry Wed 13-May-09 15:21:12

grin <<hugs>>

fifiya Thu 11-Jun-09 05:09:51

MrsMerryHenry and Tillyscoutsmum hoping you guys will see my two posts my two miscarriages and fibroids.... different thread but same questions and hope you might have some feedback for me. ( I am in NZ so different time zone!) PS off to buy some wheat grass!

sleepsforwimps Wed 08-Jul-09 23:21:31

Thought i'd pop back to update you all on my mystery pain. Well the scan showed no fibroids and nothing else, which was a big relief, but I am still getting crippling pain coming in waves during a couple of days of my period. The woman that did the scan seemed to think it would be unlikely to be endometriosis as I would have had some problems in the past with my periods... ??? They really are no different it's just the pain. I am so confused with what is causing the pain, could it be to do with having my ds? I am absolutely dreading my period every month... I've been given mefenamic acid to take to try and relieve the pain during my period, but I am hesitant in taking it as I am still breastfeeding. The doctor knew I was breastfeeding and said it was fine for me to take, but everything I have read on the internet says you shouldn't take it whilst breastfeeding. Has anyone else taken it/know if I should or shouldn't take it whilst nursing?

Because I am unsure about it I have decided I won't take it until I stop breastfeeding my ds. My GP actually commented that breastfeeding may be making the pain worse and advised me that stopping may help relieve the pain. I really don't know what to do, I don't really want to stop breastfeeding abruptly, even though I do want to start actively trying to cut down. I feel so upset that I now have this pressure on me to stop breastfeeding, could it really be making the pain worse? or could he be wrong about that? I don't want to put myself through horrific pain every month if stopping would help relieve it, but equally I don't want to force ds to stop, I want to offer him a cup but still want him to make the decision to stop.

Sorry if that was all a bit rambling, hope it made some sort of sense. blush

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 09-Jul-09 07:27:48


Endometriosis does not appear on any ultrasound scan as the deposits are very small; think the person who did the scan is just pig ignorant actually!. She is just plain wrong here. Endo can occur at any time.

Mefanemic acid is but a short term measure; it may help with the symptoms but it won't even begin to address the cause. You need to find the cause of the pain (and I would put money on it that it is endometriosis).

Would insist to your GP that you are referred to a gynae asap. You're going around in circles currently. It needs sorting now and properly so. Your health is too important and this is impacting on your life in a big way now.

sleepsforwimps Fri 17-Jul-09 22:52:37

AttilaTheMeerkat It is playing on my mind that it could be endometriosis, I shall be making a trip back to the doctors, but I shall request to see the female doctor I initially saw as she was indeed going to refer me to gynae if the scan showed nothing. Typical she was on holiday when I went back for the results and got fobbed of with mefenamic acid by another doctor..

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