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Red puffy eyes!!

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elsmommy Mon 02-May-05 13:46:55

My poor little dd has got big red puffy eyes and keeps rubbing them, shes got a cold too!!
Any ideas what to put on them or should I just leave her to it?

colditz Mon 02-May-05 14:00:58

sounds just like hayfever to me! if she is old enough try piriton liqued?

elsmommy Mon 02-May-05 14:01:46

Shes 19 months...

colditz Mon 02-May-05 14:05:22

She is old enough then. my ds has suffered hayfever since he was born, he's got it now. Piriton really does help, but it makes him very drowsy!

elsmommy Mon 02-May-05 14:22:07

I'll try it, thanks colditz!!

colditz Mon 02-May-05 14:24:10

No problem

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