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fernzmal Mon 02-May-05 09:14:06

how does one get prescribed drugs for depression (the suicidal kind)? and can anyone tell me what the side effects are? would it be better to take the drugs or just try to get through it 'naturally'? or is there another way?
have only seen one psychiatrist, and she told me to keep a diary and vent my anger there. needless to say i never went to see her again.

debs26 Mon 02-May-05 09:25:59

go to your gp, ask for anti depressants. although they dont make everything perfect, they help you feel you can cope and thats often enough to get you throught the bad days. good luck, have just read your other thread and you sound like me four years ago. in the end i separated from kids dad because he always sided with his mum and i couldnt live with being second to her. i think you need to be selfish and stand up to him about his mum, you are more important to your kids than she is.

fernzmal Mon 02-May-05 09:32:40

thanks debs.
have u been on the anti-depressants before? do u have to constantly keep taking them? ie will there be a withdrawl syndrome if u stop?
i can actually sense our divorce coming up, it's almost palpable, do u know what i mean?...he seems to think everything's ok so he's ignoring the issue. but even if he addresses it, he always makes excuses for her and says that she is not that bad and i really have nothing to complain about.
thanks for listening.

debs26 Mon 02-May-05 09:47:09

yes i have been on ad, they take about two weeks to start kicking in, up to 6 weeks to get working fully. they make a huge difference and if things are likely to get harder i would go get them now. i think they recommend you stay on them for six months - you will feel better a long time before that but if you stop you may get down again so keep going. you can get side effects but i think they are rare and i certainly didnt have any so dont let the possibility put you off. i had no problems coming off them and i dont know anyone who has. i know it must be hard for your h to be caught in the middle but he needs to sort out his priorities. you need to do what is best for you. it is not unreasonable to say you are not going to see her again and you dont want her in your house. if h wants to take kids to see her that may be a bit more tricky, but at least you dont have to put up with the mad old witch. i really hope things improve for you, this situation is a nightmare

fernzmal Mon 02-May-05 10:05:56

thanks debs. that all sounds promising. i shall try and go see my gp as soon as i can. am not sure if my depressed mode will go on for a while longer but i suppose its better to be safe than sorry. dh is really not helping either and i am not expecting him to suddenyl change and be actively on my side all of a sudden so i might as well.
really appreciate your advice. i just cant stand the idea of my child being with her because she teaches my child all sorts of nonsense.

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