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Has dd got eye infection, gunky eyes!

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marne Sun 01-May-05 09:51:43

DD ( 15 months old ) has had gunky eyes for 2 days, seems worse this morning, looks like green snot ( sory if TMD ).
Do i just bathe with cotton wool and water or should i take her to see GP?
Is there anything i can get over the counter as it is a nightmare trying to get hold of GP on a sunday?
Is it an infection or just a bit of gunk?
Advice please?

flamesparrow Sun 01-May-05 09:53:37

Bathe with cool boiled water today, and take her to GP tomorrow.

They aren't keen on giving anything over the counter to under 2s (to you for under twos... definately don't give it to the toddler themselves )

Piriton might help a bit today too... might not, but it won't hurt iykwim.


compo Sun 01-May-05 09:55:48

definitely sounds like conjunctivitis. Sometimes it does go away if you just wipe it as flamesparrow suggests. If not the doctor will prescribe eye drops or a cream. Ask for the drops - they are more effective.

marne Sun 01-May-05 09:58:47

Is it catching?
Got step kids over today, sould they keep there distance?

Gobbledigook Sun 01-May-05 10:05:38

Marne - it's very infectious - if she touches toys that they then pick up they can catch it. It's a bloody nightmare when you have more than one child as they just keep passing it round.

Def go to the GP tomorrow and get some cream (better than the drops I find)

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