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Persistent Threadworms

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Clarinet60 Wed 23-Apr-03 23:12:01

Has anyone else any experience?
We've had them for over 6 months now, with the baby suffering the most, and have been to the GP about 500 times.
We've boiled and changed all clothing/bedding about 6 million times, everyone has short nails and washes hands constantly.
What am I going to do?

WideWebWitch Thu 24-Apr-03 21:36:27

Droile, sounds horrible. We haven't had them yet but there was a long thread (sorry!) on this a while back, I'll see if I can find it for you. Sympathy, must be awful.

WideWebWitch Thu 24-Apr-03 21:54:16

Droile, you may have read this but there do seem to be some ideas for getting rid of them here Good luck.

Clarinet60 Thu 24-Apr-03 23:07:52

Thanks www, very kind of you.
We seem to have tried everything, but nothing works for long.

judetheobscure Thu 24-Apr-03 23:12:27

What have you tried?

sb34 Thu 24-Apr-03 23:32:49

Message withdrawn

gingernut Thu 24-Apr-03 23:36:42

PANTS!! Yes, that's right. Droile, have a look at the message I posted on the eye infection thread, there's a link to a Patient UK factsheet. It also mentions the 6 week thing.

Clarinet60 Thu 24-Apr-03 23:38:36

SB34, thanks, the bath-toys may be the key. I'll see what happens.
As for Nursery, DS1 has been clear for ages, although he is always treated and checked. It's me and the baby.

Judetheobscure - Pripsen, Vermox, Ovid? (or is it Ovex?)

Clarinet60 Thu 24-Apr-03 23:40:48

Forgot to say. I've been wearing pants to bed since last summer. I'm bloody sick of it, I can tell you, it's like having a permanent period. In fact, ITS PANTS !!!!!!!!! (Couldn't resist that, you know me..........)

sb34 Thu 24-Apr-03 23:59:12

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Fri 25-Apr-03 00:16:11

Droile> I had worms loads as a child...lots..I was enamoured of mud cakes...BIG TIME..grew to love that dirty little worming milkshake. I still have horrible dreams about it now!

Good luck.

gingernut Fri 25-Apr-03 09:43:56

Droile - the factsheet was no trouble really. I was curious about it anyway. I suspect that sb34 is right - somehow you are re-infecting yourselves from something in the house you haven't yet identified. Yuk!!! Your hands must be sore with all that washing. Maybe it's worth investing in some of those disposable latex or vinyl gloves for changing and bathing the baby, maybe even for handling dirty clothes and bedlinen. It sounds like extreme measures are called for!

Clarinet60 Fri 25-Apr-03 11:46:12

Yes, good ideas folks, thanks. Latex gloves, here I come.

willow2 Fri 25-Apr-03 19:08:03

just a thought - but do you use rubber gloves for washing up? Maybe the little blighters are hanging out there? Chuck them and get new ones.

Clarinet60 Fri 25-Apr-03 19:48:25

Good point willow, I will.

Clarinet60 Fri 25-Apr-03 19:50:17

Good point willow, I will.

Clarinet60 Fri 25-Apr-03 19:50:36


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