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Anyone had a TVT - tension-free vaginal tape - done?

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Mummyfor3 Thu 30-Apr-09 22:28:43

I am looking for personal experiences for my mum who is too shy wink to become a MNer herself grin.

She has had stress incontinence problems since she had her amazing children (me and my brother) and had a pelvic floor repair and hysterectomy in her late 30s with only v temporary and partial relief of her symptoms.

She is 67, v fit and active and a slim size 10. She has just seen a hot-shot gynaecologist who is suggesting TVT. Understandable she is a bit weary of having further albeit fairly minor surgery done.

So, getting to the point at last, I am interested to hear any good, bad or ugly stories re TVT to pass on to her.

TIA smile

Mummyfor3 Thu 30-Apr-09 22:51:31

Going to bed now, but not before bumping shamelessly wink...

Undercarrigetrouble Thu 30-Apr-09 22:55:19

Hi my mom had one of these done about 6 years ago with great results.I would imagine she would recommend your mom have it done.
Sorry i cant remember any details about it.

Mummyfor3 Fri 01-May-09 12:52:13

Thanks for that, Undercarriage (inspired name, BTW grin), I will pass it on.

Any other experiences out there? Any bad ones??

Cheers smile.

Mummyfor3 Sat 02-May-09 07:59:40

Last ditch attempt wink...

MamaMtundu Wed 26-Aug-09 08:28:19

Message withdrawn

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