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what contraception?

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starlover Fri 29-Apr-05 12:26:34

Am just about coming round to maybe thinking about resuming my sex-life after the birth of DS, LOL

Was thinking about contraceptive injection, but have heard that it can make you gain weight, which I don't want.

Can I go on the pill if I am breastfeeding? DS was conceived while I was on the pill, so am slightly reluctant to use it anyway!

What are my options? what are the pros and cons?

weesaidie Fri 29-Apr-05 18:59:23


My wee one was conceived will on the pill so I know what you mean!

You can't go on the pill while breast feeding anyway.

I got the implant which has been great for me. Last for 3 years (but u can remove whenever if u want to get pregnant and are immediately fertile again) and I don't get periods! Not the same for everyone but I think it is very good. Once it is in that is it, no more worries!

newton Fri 29-Apr-05 19:23:00

There are some pills you can use whilst breastfeeding. I get confused between 2nd and 3rd generation pills but one of them is ok. Speak to your HV or GP. Have to say I wasn't happy about changing and so just waitied until stopped breastfeeding. REturned to old fashion methods of contraception!

charleepeters Fri 29-Apr-05 20:05:44

Please dont have the depo poreva contraceptive injection it has made the last 8 motnhs of my life hell! but its not the same for everyone just know so many people who have had probs. (dont want to start argument) you can go on the pogestorone only pill (mini pill, pop) if your breast feeding but not combined pill, or you can try the implant or a coil best person to ask is your g.p good luck x

minxi Fri 06-May-05 14:03:56

charleepeters what happened to you on the depo, I was due to have my last injection end January and didn't as want to try for 3rd and final child! Still waiting for a period as obviously not ovulating - am a stone heavier than I was last year, odd really as eat fairly well and healthily (prob have an extra glasswine too many) so feel a bit shocked by the whole thing really and wanted to find out others opinions...

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