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Had some blood tests today, any medical bods tell me what they were looking for...

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ShowOfHands Mon 27-Apr-09 17:30:17

List of tests was as follows: bc, fer, esr, t, iral, ianf, uel

Any ideas?

fer I think is ferritin/iron as I'm potentially anaemic. But what are the others?

Thank you for any help.

MadamAnt Mon 27-Apr-09 17:32:21

I think I know some of them:

bc - blood count
fer - ferritin
esr - inflammation marker

Flightattendant25 Mon 27-Apr-09 17:38:50

yes blood count
esr as MA says it shows if you have inflammation somewhere


er- university of east London? grin

ShowOfHands Mon 27-Apr-09 17:41:24


ianf is atrial natriuretic factor according to google which is Blood Stuff.

university of east london, why not....

<<mind boggles>>

MadamAnt Mon 27-Apr-09 17:42:12

According to google ianf = Iranian Aryan National Front. hmm

nickschick Mon 27-Apr-09 17:42:56 help you!smile

ShowOfHands Mon 27-Apr-09 17:50:39

oh dear. They're testing my blood for militant niche political interest.

Thanks nickschick, still none the wiser.

I've successfully convinced myself the GP suspects something serious and is testing for it before breaking it to me. sad

ShowOfHands Mon 27-Apr-09 18:57:01

Bumpety bump.

MadamAnt Mon 27-Apr-09 19:30:16

LOL - if it's not even googleable, it must also be extremely rare wink

Does your GP have extremely shit handwriting?

EldonAve Mon 27-Apr-09 19:38:15

labtests lists most blood tests

mousemole Mon 27-Apr-09 19:46:36

t = thyroid ?
What are your symptoms ?

ShowOfHands Mon 27-Apr-09 19:55:05

I've got sore wrists/hands/fingers with shooty pains and pins and needles, some numbness too. Started getting similar feelings in my feet.

I'm very, very worried. sad

ShowOfHands Mon 27-Apr-09 20:03:23

It wasn't handwritten, it was typed! smile

GP is Dutch though, maybe I need to start looking on google.dutch instead. He's lovely and I was very swayed by his breezy 'oh we'll rule out lots of things, don't worry too much' line and didn't demand to know if he suspected something terrible.

PussinJimmyChoos Mon 27-Apr-09 20:07:32

stanausauruswrecks Mon 27-Apr-09 20:09:13

UEL I would think is Urea and Electrolytes grin

mamadoc Mon 27-Apr-09 20:19:14

I would be willing to bet the iral is iron because you would order an iron level if you were ordering ferritin.
No idea on ianf though.
I don't think there are nationally agreed abbreviations it depends on the local lab. For instance urea & electrolytes is U&E in most hospitals but EC in the one I currently work at.

Beckynoo Thu 15-Sep-16 04:48:58

Elecs (Urea and Electrolytes) is a common test which helps to assess the body’s general condition. It is frequently used to assess whether the kidneys are working properly or to monitor people who take various tablets such as blood pressure medication.

Rubberduck2 Thu 15-Sep-16 04:56:44

Sounds like you need an MRI of your spine if you have already had one!!

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