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i feel lousy

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Titania Thu 28-Apr-05 07:29:07

could hardly sleep last night cos i felt so bunged up and sick. got up this morning and got a tummy ache as well. im tired, sick, achy and feel totally lousy. ds2 has got a really gungy eye and snotty too. dreading having to go out. feel all panicky again.

Fio2 Thu 28-Apr-05 07:45:49

oh god titania, i am so sorry. Sorry if I have upset you yesterday, i feel so guilty

have you tried kalms or st johns wort? bach rescue rememdy used to help me when i had panic attacks

Titania Thu 28-Apr-05 07:48:33

dont worry. i know i was being a bit oversensitive. im sorry.

I havent tried the wort or bach. I have got diazepam for the attacks, but dont like to take it.

Fio2 Thu 28-Apr-05 07:54:06

if you are worried about taking a whole tablet, why not try taking half of it or a quarter? my mum used to do that

Titania Thu 28-Apr-05 08:05:53

i just dont like the thought of taking them at all. not that they do anything. so not really any point taking them.

lou33 Thu 28-Apr-05 09:23:25

what strength is the diazepam?

Titania Thu 28-Apr-05 09:26:28

erm....2mg i think

lou33 Thu 28-Apr-05 10:10:26

take 2 of them, you will still be able to function properly.

I had a trapped nerve recently, in my back. The gp prescribed 2mg ones, saying i could double them if it didn't work, which it didn't. Doing 2 at a time made the world quite pleasant to be in, even when surrounded by piles of laundry, but I was still able to carry on normally.

Titania Thu 28-Apr-05 10:13:06


lou33 Thu 28-Apr-05 10:17:27

yes, 4mg. It's still v low

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