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ds has unidentified spots on his face (no nothing to do with nuclear explosion on his mothers!)

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Heathcliffscathy Wed 27-Apr-05 19:24:16

has had horrendous cold with awful pussy eyes (totally clear now, altho nose still snotty). he has spots all over his face. like someone has drawn on him. went to dr today. not measles (he isn't vaccinated so thought might be), not german measles, in fact not anything she could identify (inc impetigo) and nothing to be done!!!!

any thoughts???

Rkayne Thu 28-Apr-05 06:54:07

DD1 used to come out in what the doctors called a "viral rash" when she was sick. Sometimes the spots came after the worst of the cold/fever/whatever was gone. The rash would go after a day or two with no further treatment. She's 4 now and doesn't seem to get that anymore - although she does have a tendency to come out in hives every so often for no apparent reason!?

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