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Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital, Gobowen, Oswestry. Any experience of Alice ward?

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IcantThinkOfaNickname Thu 23-Apr-09 14:39:33


My daughter's due to have an operation here next week and we've never been there before so we've got no idea what it's like there or what to expect.

She's getting really stressed out over it all now and I think that it being a strange hospital certinally isn't helping. I've spent days trawling the net looking for photos or something but I can't really find much about the children's ward.

I'd be extremely grateful for any info.



frostyfingers Thu 23-Apr-09 15:16:38

I can't help with the children's ward, but spent 2 years being treated there, and had 1 op. They were brilliant, flexible and very kind eg: my op was delayed, I got back to the ward late and by the time I'd come to and was starving it was about 11pm. The nurses produced tea, toast and biscuits for the 3 of us as a midnight feast - it was clean, the facilities were good and it was a good experience for me.

Hope this reassures your daughter, perhaps you could ring the hospital and ask for some specific info, I'm sure they'd help. Good luck.

IcantThinkOfaNickname Thu 23-Apr-09 18:44:27

Thanks for that frostyfingers.

I have tried phoning but they always seem too busy and I just feel like I'm wasting their time. blush

I'm glad to hear that you had such a good experience there. We just don't know anyone at all who's ever stayed there, so it's great to hear from someone who has! I've shown her your post and she seems to of perked up a little and she's thinking positively in that if they're so kind to adults they're going to be even nicer to children!!!

Thanks again...every little positive thing helps.


unfitmother Thu 23-Apr-09 18:51:59

They were very busy today as they had some staff off sick but that is only a temporary thing.
Why not try calling at the weekend, they are much quieter then? The Ward Manager, Suzanne Marsden or the Ward Sisters Judith and Sheena would be only too happy to speak to you.
What is she having done and how long do you expect her to be in?
Presumably you have been to out-patients so are familiar with the hospital itself?
It's a lovely ward with great staff.
Good luck! grin

IcantThinkOfaNickname Thu 23-Apr-09 19:07:18

No, we only ever saw the consultant in Wrexham, so it really is the unknown.

She's having Accessory Navicular bones removed from both her feet and we've been told she'll probably be in for 5 nights post op plus the night before.

I take it you've had dealings with Alice ward first hand unfitmother?

IcantThinkOfaNickname Thu 23-Apr-09 19:11:28

Sorry unfitmother. I've just read my reply to you and it sounds like I'm being a bit off at the end blush it's not meant to sound like that! I'm new to this, so you'll have to forgive me!


unfitmother Thu 23-Apr-09 19:17:00

Only professionally, not as a parent, though I would take my child there without hesitation.

No wonder you're anxious if you haven't clapped eyes on the place! They won't mind at all if you call them. Alice ward staff are lovely.

The hospital is a centre of excellence that only does orthopaedic surgery. Is it Mr Roberts or Mr Keiley doing the op?

unfitmother Thu 23-Apr-09 19:20:05

It is an old hospital and Alice ward is one of the older wards. facilities for parents are not as good as the Ward Manager would like, there is only one shower for parents.
Open visiting is the norm and you will be able to stay with your DD at all times, camp beds etc can be provided but talk to the staff,at the weekend for more detail.

IcantThinkOfaNickname Thu 23-Apr-09 19:33:10

Thanks so much for the info.

Camp beds sound a bit of a luxury....I've stayed in Wrexham a few times with the kids but only ever spent the night in a chair! Things are looking up!

It's Mr Keiley doing her op and he seems very nice.

Can I you work there? Curious now as you seem to know everyone! You're going to be warning them that there's an odd woman on MN who'll be there next week!!! grin


chatee Thu 23-Apr-09 19:51:16

hiya IcantThinkOfaNickname,
my dd has been an in patient on alice ward 3 or 4 times but about 7 years ago and although the facilities are basic the staff are absolutely wonderful(we are still seen on out patients and are possibly in during the next year for more surgery for dd)
after the first op i panicked big style and didn't feel up to dh leaving me (dd was only just 4 months old) and they have accomodation (or did have )in the old nurses quarters available for parents of children so he stayed their the night.
we are next their in june to see mr keily

i really can't speak highly enough of this hospital

ps all the other parents were in the same boat and tended to look out for all the children/babies on the ward whilst you needed to pop to the loo, warm up bottles,
(there was a micro wave to use when we were there- ask)
there is also the nice restaurant (denbighs) and they do take away food

good luck and hope all goes well xx

chatee Thu 23-Apr-09 19:54:56

ps you have to pay for parking at this hospital even if you have a blue badge(as nearly everyone attending does) and the car park is fairly small so make sure you leave enough time to find a space.
there is a drop off zone at the front doors and alice ward is really near(so you don't have too far to carry stuff)

unfitmother Thu 23-Apr-09 20:20:22

I work in the hospital, not on that ward though! wink

I am delighted to hear what chatee says. grin
The visitors car park is first on the right as you come through the main entrance. Alice ward is the first on the left.
Mr Keiley is lovely, you will be well looked after.

chatee Sat 25-Apr-09 10:08:11

good luck next week

unfitmother Sun 26-Apr-09 14:58:16

Hi, have you phoned yet?

Good luck for next week. smile

fakeblondie Mon 27-Apr-09 10:45:19

Totally fantastic hospital- people come from all over uk to be treated there and ,my daughter was 1 of them-your in fantastic hands x

chatee Fri 01-May-09 12:06:20

how did you and your dd get on?
hope all is well

chatee Mon 11-May-09 13:17:04

would love to know how you and your dd are doing...hope you are both well

strawberryclare Thu 18-Jun-09 16:10:08

hi my 4 year old son goes into the Alice Ward for an op in 3 weeks time for ddh - heard great things about this hospital and Mr Kiely seems lovely - had a brief tour of the ward and the staff are all lovely - so nervous and panicky about the whole situation

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