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Dh working in India, Will he need Vacs?

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Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 12:38:26

Anyone know? Which ones and how long before?

He has applied for his visa and we dont know as yet if he will be going. Work has said he doesnt need any ??!!

Chandra Wed 27-Apr-05 12:41:14

It depends where is he going to work. And "any" may be well the case. I think the Home Office information for tourists travelling abroad may contain more accurate info of what exactly is needed and for which regions. HTH

Fio2 Wed 27-Apr-05 12:45:51

thanks chandra

motherinferior Wed 27-Apr-05 13:02:23

Yes, he will. But I can't remember which ones exactly. GP surgery should know, actually.

Chandra Wed 27-Apr-05 13:08:11

When we went it was only the prev. meds for malaria but we went to some well off the trail places. Obviously if you want to err in the safe side he needs to start taking them 2 weeks prior to going, and all the time he is over there, expect in return a deeply bronced DH -even if he is not under the Sun for long-, with first trimester of pregnancy symptoms for some weeks afterwards. Horrible stuff, but safe

WideWebWitch Wed 27-Apr-05 13:33:08

Or ask MASTA for current advice

lou33 Wed 27-Apr-05 13:35:56

we went many years ago, and had to have typhoid, hep, malaria, tetanus,polio and cholera, tho i believe cholera has been abandoned now as its useless

guidelines change so i would ask the nurse at your gp's for the latest advice. Cost us an arm and a leg to vaccinate for thailand

suedonim Wed 27-Apr-05 14:28:00

Reccomendations change all the time so check out the current advice. Dh worked in India last year. Luckily he was covered by all the vax we'd previously had to live in Indonesia. If your dh needs polio/diph/tetanus he should be able to get that FOC at your GP's.

Fio2 Fri 29-Apr-05 07:56:03

thanks everyone, i will MAKE SURE he sees the GP

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