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Cyanosis, anyone know if this is dangerous???

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mamadadawahwah Tue 26-Apr-05 23:55:45

My sons lips and fingernails turned a light blue the other day during a bout of high fever. It went away as soon as it came but I think this is something to keep an eye on. Told the doctor, didnt seem tooo concerned. Anyone have expereience with this in their kids??

SleepyJess Wed 27-Apr-05 00:00:02

Yes! This happened to DD when she was 14 months and she had a high fever with a virus. We'd got her cool-ish with Calpol etc.. so bathed her in a warm bath because she had been sick all over herself. Whislt getting her dressed, noticed her lips and nails were blue. Phoned NHS Direct for advice.. and they immediately sent an ambulance!!!

She was ok.. hospital observed her all day and then we came home. They said it was a pre-febrile convulsion episode.

SJ x

mamadadawahwah Wed 27-Apr-05 00:04:52

sleepy, did she convulse, or was it only the blue lips you saw?

mamadadawahwah Wed 27-Apr-05 00:05:06

very scary

strugstu Wed 27-Apr-05 01:29:35

Its called peripheral cyanosis, the blood starts to concentrate on supporting the major organs and doesnt circulate to the periheries(fingers toes lips, ear lobes)as well, not too worrying as long as it doesnt go on for too long, often seen in children with high temps, sometimes happens if u cool them down to quick as well, if they get too hot they may have a convulsion and it may occur then as well(dont want too scare u but good idea to do calpol/ibrupofen ),

SleepyJess Wed 27-Apr-05 09:29:14

Sorry mamadadawahwah.. went to bed after I posted last night.

No she didn't convulse.. think that was why they described it as a pre febrile... but she was a bit out of it... all kind of a floppy and sleepy for a while although she could be roused. They gave her oxygen in the ambulance.. it was all very alarming! (I was 6 months pg at the time..)

As strugstu says, I think the main thing is to try and get their temps down and keep them stable. I will never bath her when she has a temperature now.. and she is 6!! She never went onto have a proper febrile convulsion and has obviously grown out out of that phase now.

My DS (who very ill and on SCBU on oxygen etc after birth) often doesn't look the right colour (lips and round the mouth) when he has a temperature.. even now, when he is 4. I used to be obsessed about it (because of his early days on oxygen and because he was always running temps due to glue ear) and the GP once said to me that their colour is often 'not quite right' when they have a temperature and this is 'normal'.

Someone on here the other say said it is more serious if their tongue is actually blue than the lips. But I would always seek medical advice when any cyanosis seems to be present.

Hope he is doing ok now.

SJ x

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