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Support thread for those that piss themsleves (especially those in their 30's)

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suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:02:27

Following on from that other thread <<spits>>, here is somewhere we can discuss our less than perfect fanjos and swap tena lady anecdotes.

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:07:53

Come on, roll up, roll up!

Bluestocking Tue 21-Apr-09 11:09:22

I'm in but I'm not sure I feel brave enough to share just yet.

KatyMac Tue 21-Apr-09 11:09:58

I'm 40......can I still post

gemmiegoatEGGS Tue 21-Apr-09 11:10:34

Well I am 26 and do not currently require the aforementioned tena helpers. However, i cannot do starjumps safely and am thus crap at "playing Sportacus"

And whilst we are on the subject I do not eat meat and I am absolutely horrified at adverts on TV aimed at ^people like me^ for joints of beef, chicken thighs, Birds Eye burgers....I could go on...

CompareTheMeerkat Tue 21-Apr-09 11:12:45

I am 33 and jumping up and down is not a good idea grin

abermum Tue 21-Apr-09 11:14:12

i'd LOVE to have a go on the rather fun looking large trampoline in my back garden, but i fear that if i do all the children will refer to me as the old woman who smells of pee grin

Hassled Tue 21-Apr-09 11:14:20

I'm 42 and will never go on a trampoline again.

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:18:27

Yes Katymac, you are welcome grin. Mine is worse than trampoline evasion at the moment, just simply walking seems to cause drips shock

KatyMac Tue 21-Apr-09 11:38:49

I was like a leaky tap, drip, drip, drip

I got help within 3 weeks of giving birth & it took 6 years before the op

perma Tue 21-Apr-09 11:43:21

Is it all sorted now Katy? A lot of the advice seems to relate to larger leaks when coughing, sneezing etc, but I more have tiny leaks on a more frequent basis - is that what you had?

BouncingTurtle Tue 21-Apr-09 11:43:32

I had a horrible cold and cough few weeks ago, and everytime I had a coughing fit it was if someone had rung out my bladder, even if I had gone to the toilet just beforehand!

I use Asda Assure pads, not Tena Ladies.

Actually I've just remembered - my ex boss used to have a Tena Lady mug coaster! His wife was a continence nurse, so she was always getting loads of Tena branded freebies lol

perma Tue 21-Apr-09 11:44:08

Yes, Suwoo, even just walking

perma Tue 21-Apr-09 11:44:45

Now even I draw the line at a Tena coaster!!

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:46:21

Mine is literally running down my legs if I'm not wearing knickers blush.

The worst thing is, I have a sever uterine prolapse which is managed by two ring pessaries. When it was not adequately managed it caused a kink in my urethra and I really struggled to wee. Now I have the two pessaries it has obviously released the kink and now wee is just dripping out of me.

I was on the waiting list for the prolpase repair, which I have had for 7 years but I got pregnant in the mean time.

OrmIrian Tue 21-Apr-09 11:47:03

I'm 44 (is that OK) and I regard my DD's trampoline with deep suspicion hmm

Mind you I did run 12 miles though without damp knickers. But am usually so dehydrated by then that I guess I'm safe.

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:47:22


suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:48:10

Thats good going Orm, I can't walk from my bedroom to the bathroom with dripping. Running would finish me off.

fircone Tue 21-Apr-09 11:48:39

Tena coaster - arf arf.

I have been to various incontinence clinics and none of them really did any good. I don't do the dripping thing, but if I'm really desperate, it's virtually impossible to hold it in.

Drinking too much coffee is definitely to be avoided.

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:48:47

Gah, I'm not concentrating today, I meant without dripping.

perma Tue 21-Apr-09 11:48:56

Just going back to "the other thread" - I recall there was much mirth recently when Ulrika Jonson became the spokesperson for some adult incontinence thing. She said she had been there having had 4 children, but then ruined her "role model status" by adding brightly that is all fine now after doing PFEs for Britain. If only were so simple.

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 11:50:07

Yep, If only. Mine is way behond help. I have had fanny physio and it is basically fucked. grin

my name is purplemonkeydishwasher and i dread sneezing.

perma Tue 21-Apr-09 11:55:10

Me too, physio to no avail though physio herself was far more approchable and informative that the gynaecologist who just wanted me to say yes or no to surgery and get out of his office.

perma Tue 21-Apr-09 11:56:36

Feeling brave enough to share yet Bluestocking (whispers - it's ok, no one knows who you are )

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