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Anyone successfully got rid of peri oral dermatitis?

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firststeps Tue 21-Apr-09 11:00:02

I've got 2 small patches around the top of my mouth (under my nose) and they don't seem to be going away - can anyone recommend anything they have used to successfully treat this. I've been prescribed creams from the doctor and the next course of action is a 6-12 week course of antibiotics, which I would rather avoid if at all possible. TIA

BonsoirAnna Tue 21-Apr-09 11:01:51

Yes, I had this for years every summer (triggered by the sun) and my English GP used to prescribe hydrocortisone, which just aggravated it.

A French dermatologist cured it forever with a course of antibiotics (anti-acne ones) and some benzoyl peroxide cream. Why are you against antibiotics?

firststeps Tue 21-Apr-09 15:17:15

Hi BonsoirAnna - it's not that I'm against them as such, it just seems like such a long course. I'm due back at the doctors in a fortnight so I'll see what they say. Thanks for the reply

BonsoirAnna Tue 21-Apr-09 16:59:02

I had a three month course of antibiotics to clear mine up - they are very mild antibiotics. They make your skin look absolutely fabulous in every way IME - I was rather disappointed that the all-over beautifying effect didn't last for longer!

firststeps Tue 21-Apr-09 19:46:11

thanks for that - hope I do manage to get it cleared up, even though the patches aren't that big I'm really conscious of them iykwim

turbulenteddy Sun 15-Jan-12 14:57:54

Hi firststeps

Are you still around? I just found this thread in the archives after self diagnosing myself with perioral dermatitis. (GP said it was just spots, but I've had spots for well over 20 years and this is definitely different)

Did you find a cure?

ATM my face is covered in yoghurt, after I read online it can help hmm

maydaychild Thu 01-Mar-12 17:29:35

Hi turbulent
I found you having been diagnosed yesterday and guess what... I put yoghurt on my face last night!

Come hold my hand.... I am mortified by my chin. I work in a v glamouress environment where presentation is important.

I got the 12 week antibiotic course from an amazing GP who knew exactly what it was. I can likely pinpoint mine starting because my DS has steroid cream and I must have rubbed it on my chin

How is yours now several weeks later? Please tell me the antibiotics work really quickly..... 2 days in and counting.

supernannyisace Thu 01-Mar-12 22:21:59

I had it on and off for years. My GP would prescribe anti -bs but only short courses, so it didn't always clear up. then she would prescribe creams - hydrocortisones if I remember rightly. On occasion I had to see a locum GP who couldn't believe my cheek at requesting anti -biotics for impetigo...

After googling and researching it I went back to her and told her what it was so she then referred me to Dermatology dept at the hospital. Immediate diagnosis and a 3 month supply of Lymecycline. The Derm said that it would likely return now and again - which it did - usually over a year apart - and just to visit the GP and request a repeat prescription.

Since then I moved house and have a new GP practice - one of the doctors there couldn't believe my cheek at requesting anti -biotics for impetigo...
I explained exactly what the condition was and he shut up and wrote the prescription.

The cream can clear it temporarily - but doesn't 'cure' it - and can make it worse.

MeDented Thu 01-Mar-12 22:32:26

I've just cleared this up using a combination of natural remedies I found by googling. I think the main things that helped was cleansing with apple cider vinegar and then using calendula cream. I did get a topical solution from gp (stiemycin). I also started using the oil cleansing method with a couple drops of patchouli oil and tea tree oil added to sunflower oil and occasionally moisturised with coconut oil. Another big thing is cut out toothpaste with fluoride. Mine cleared up in a week after suffering for at least 3 weeks prior to using natural remedies. First cream go recommended was horrible, it formed a mask on top of skin that cracked and flaked as soon as you opened your mouth.

maydaychild Sat 03-Mar-12 18:12:34

It's so unsightly. I'm spending the weekend sans cream and makeup and I feel naked!
Seen apple cider mentioned before so might try that. I have calendula so also will give a whirl

I have dry tight skin so have always found moisturisers to be too thin or weak and they don't put back the moisture. Will google your oil thing!

fooolofbeans Tue 04-Dec-12 19:31:19

after a bit of searching I've come across this thread, i recently saw my GP about this and was advised to stop all products and cosmetics and return in two weeks if no improvement.

i'm back at the GPs tomorrow and its got worse (spread to under my eyes) so i expect (& hope) she'll prescribe some antibiotics because my whole face will become enveloped soon at this rate

my question is one of pure vanity....out of the people who have been treated successfully for perioral dermatitis with antibiotics, were you allowed/did you wear make up during treatment? I dont want to wear it every day but would LOVE to hear wearing a nice tinted moisturiser once or twice a week wont affect the treatment <<fingers crossed>>

HazleNutt Wed 05-Dec-12 16:14:46

I struggled with it since I was a teenager. I've tried cortisone creams (not a good idea, will make it worse), antibiotics, roaccutane, different anti-inflammatory creams - all helped temporarily only, flared up in a few months again.
Then thought that hm, sunlight always makes it better and bought this:

And it worked! I haven't had an outbreak for a couple of years. Whenever I feel some tingling, will just use the lamp for a few times and it calms right down. I know it's not meant for this purpose, so can't guarantee, but did the job for me.

As for make up, I was never told I couldn't use it.

fooolofbeans Wed 05-Dec-12 17:09:12

thanks for the info hazle, i've been prescribed a topical antibiotic today and am going back in three weeks to ask for oral tablets if the cream doesnt work.

the light looks good but at £129 i'll wait until i've tried all other methods, however if it could give me clear skin it would be worth it...and then some!

Sgrolsh1979 Tue 24-May-16 21:20:00

Hi All, I had months of trying lots of the other siggestions on the cider, live yoghurt, sudocrem, probiotics, tea tree oil, witch hazel etc. Finally after using canesten cream (version without the steroid) it has finally gone after two weeks applying it twice a day. I wanted to share this as I was feeling lost before and I'm sure many others currently feel the same. There s hope!!

Whitecoconut Wed 25-May-16 11:17:19

Try Fucidin, an antibiotic cream. It works but make sure it's not Fucidin H as it contains steroid which you shouldn't use on perioral dermatitis.

pinklady2 Wed 15-Jun-16 18:09:20

Try proskin eczema. I got it after a friend referred me when they purchased from the mama nature site (I got a 30% discount) and it has been remarkable. PD flared up after my first pregnancy and it has stayed with me up until using this cream. Steroid creams worked at first but I couldn't use them long term (plus they can thin your skin if used too much).

RonSwansonsBestFriend Fri 17-Jun-16 17:24:39

This is so bizarre, Ive just discovered that I have this, after 15 yrs of just presuming it was a patch of sensitive skin (mine is very mild, but as I'm pale, looks quite red)

I just typed in "rash around nose and chin' and I worked out what is was from the pics.

After digging a bit, found several blogs which said the Canister or a 1% anti fungal clears it up.

I used a bit last night but no difference, will continue and hope for the best!

RonSwansonsBestFriend Fri 17-Jun-16 17:25:11

Canisten, not canister.........

MeganChips Fri 17-Jun-16 17:46:39

I had this for a few months and it was cured with a combination of topical antibiotics and cleansing only with Micellar water.

I don't know why it started but it's been a year since my last bout.

zoezoe123 Fri 07-Oct-16 14:16:07

Did anyone have success with canesten? How long did it take to stop flaking and itching?

Greyponcho Fri 07-Oct-16 15:32:45

Referring back to a previous post, those lumie gizmos are sold by TKmaxx for around £80-90 usually.

AteRiri Thu 23-Mar-17 22:53:02

This is really depressing me at the moment. I've had my rash since January.

After a full 38 years of having blemish free skin (rare pimples even when I was a teenager), now I have this inch of rash on my cheek that wouldn't go away.

I'm already on oral antibiotics.

EllenRipley Thu 23-Mar-17 23:12:18

I've recommended this before on here and I think it helped the OP... grapefruit seed extract, it's called a 'citricidal', the brand I've used is Higher Nature. Wash with that (don't use it undiluted) and as others have suggested, calendula cream and avoid fluoride toothpaste. I've also heard that neem, in oil or soap form, is useful x

SisterKhloe Fri 24-Mar-17 11:39:49

In case it's seborrheic dermatitis, I cleared up somethings similar with ketoconazole cream (often used for jock itch or athlete's foot!)

Finnyfins Fri 14-Apr-17 23:09:34

I have suffered from this for years on and off and then during pregnancy it became completely horrendous, covering right round my mouth, chin and up around my nose. I previously had (temporary) success with antibiotics in the past but didn't want to take anything during pregnancy so went looking for a natural treatment.

Having tried a whole host of things I found the best solution to be Aveeno moisturing cream and Aloe Vera gel and strictly (and I mean strictly!) no makeup in the vicinity of the offending area.

The aveeno works straight away, stopping the dryness and peeling and calming the redness of the skin. The aloe Vera takes a little longer to work but eventually it will get rid of the pimples and weeping rash and help to heal the skin.

Apply both twice a day (morning and night). Keep skin clean and don't pick it. The only other product I use is Clinique mild facial wash as it seems to clean deeply but doesn't irritate or dry the skin.

Generally I have found less is more with perioral dermatitus, i.e. Don't slather on lots of product but use as little as possible and be patient. Once the skin starts to improve try reducing the application to just in the morning if possible as it gives your skin a chance to get back to 'normal'.

My breakouts were caused by using foundation so even now my skin has healed I never use foundation around my mouth. Having a job where I need to look 'presentable' this can be a bit problematic so I do sometimes resort to using a tiny bit of no. 7 liquid concealer stick in local areas which doesn't seem to cause a breakout providing its well washed off at the end of the day. Perhaps over cautiously I also replace the stick monthly so as to avoid any potential bacteria building up which could cause another breakout.

Anyway....I truly hope the above is of help. And good luck, it really does suck and I have every sympathy with you!

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