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hard uterus but not pregnant - what could it be???

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no1childminder Sat 18-Apr-09 16:40:39

hi ive missed 3 periods but numerous home and dr preg tests say neg, so im not pregnant. went to a&e for the second time last nite. first time was after i missed 2nd period and had tummy pains but everything was ok. went back as had 2 dizzy spells last nite and tummy has been tender for a few weeks now, only tender wen lightly pushed tho. they were going to send me home again but id had enough so demanded a scan or an internal at least. they couldnt do a scan in the evening or on weekends so they done an internal. dr said my uterus is a bit hard, and its meat to be soft. what could this mean? oh, she said im def not pregnant.

has anyone had a similar or same experience? im getting worried now

no1childminder Sat 18-Apr-09 22:23:06


VinoEsmeralda Sat 18-Apr-09 22:32:36

Another bump here, cant offer any other help!

jeminthecity Sat 18-Apr-09 22:35:11

Sorry, can't offer help but get thee to GP and/or referral to find out what's going on.


no1childminder Sun 19-Apr-09 10:37:55

ive got a referral for a scan but was told itl be in about 2-3weeks. was just seeing if anyone else may have experienced this as im very impatient!

no1childminder Thu 23-Apr-09 17:48:40


Could be fibroids - had those when pregnant with ds, amde me look like was having twins. Would go to gp and insist on urgent scan - if gp rings hospital they have to do it. Good luck.

no1childminder Mon 27-Apr-09 14:26:58

scan is booked for next tues, thats the earliest they could do, oh well beats 2 or 3 weeks!

iktomi3 Thu 07-Jul-16 01:39:52

i have just been told that my uterus felt hard and so I will be going to have a pelvic ultrasound. i have not ever been sexually active and will be 40 soon. i am one who believes in only one person and so far that has not happened so there is no way i am pregnant. this is just new and something i did not need to have added on top of the other issues i have. i was told it is not something to be concerned about but i have not seen anything online that would offer any help as to what this cause could be. Periods are not happening which could be medication as well but i have no clue and there is nothing i have found at all online to explain it. Does anyone else have more info?

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