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Has anyone had their ds/dd vaccinated with Varivax? Did I do the right thing?

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MoggyMummy Tue 26-Apr-05 10:18:51

DS (2.7) was born in Canada and over there Varivax was available as an immunisation against Chicken Pox. I had him vaccinated (after talking with some parents there I thought that this was the done thing). I had no family or experienced friends there so I was pretty much lost when it came to advice.

The Paediatrician didn't really provide any information (I realise how rubbish this is) and as I had only been living there 1.5 years I went along with it.

Now I am feeling panicky about the whole thing.
I was under the impression that the immunity would be life long but I have read up on it (it was out of mind until now) and I have found that it isn't. I'm feeling bad that now I have done the wrong thing. DS will probably get Chicken Pox as an adult when it is far more serious.

The UK doesn't vaccinate against chicken pox so I don't even know if boosters will be provided later in life for him.
What have I done? . Can anyone reassure me please.

baka Tue 26-Apr-05 10:22:59

If he gets exposed to lots of chickenpox (which he probably will do over here) he should give himself lots of "boosters" naturally and will proobably develop good immunity anyway. You can always get his levels checked when he gets to a more dangerous age and I'm sure you could get it done privately if you wanted him to have another booster jab.

don't beat yourself up over it!

PS I know a few people who have had chickenpox as adults and they didn't feel very well but they weren't dangerously ill- just unpleasantly ill iykwim.

MoggyMummy Tue 26-Apr-05 10:27:24

Thanks Baka

I just needed someone to tell me that - already feeling better . Silly me

ChicPea Tue 26-Apr-05 23:01:56

I had chicken pox as a child and was against giving my children the jab as I don't want them to get it as shingles in their adult life. BUT 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed as having shingles so don't see the point of them possibly getting chicken pox as children to still be in danger of having shingles as adults.

Am calling the Pead for info tomorrow.

crescent Wed 27-Apr-05 17:30:09

My understanding has always been that you don't get shingles generally unless you _have had_ chicken pox already.
I'm a golden oldie granny, and have never had chicken pox so am always concerned about getting it!
I thought that the herpes stays in your bloodstream once and can be re-activated in the form of shingles.
Not sure if I've got the technicalities of that correct, but think that's the general idea.

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