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SMA StayDown for sicky babies

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hamsterholly Wed 24-May-06 11:31:35

I would just like some advice please. My baby is 4 months old and has always been a sicky baby. She was diagnosed last week by the Hospital as having reflux and we were prescribed sma staydown. To be honest I have not noticed a difference in the sickness. I think I was looking for a miracle cure and for my lovely girl not to have a wet bib on all the time covering her lovely outfits !!!! She has only been on the syatdown milk since Friday and dont know whether to keep trying or just to put her back on the cow and gate hungrey baby as she does struggle when having the stay down milk and I have got her fast flow teats but the teats still get clogged. I have asked my health visitor for advice but she didnt seem to know what to do. Any advice would be greatly received. Kind regards

fruitful Wed 24-May-06 19:02:09

I think it might be worth trying for a few more days. It wasn't a miracle cure for us but it was a lot better. We used to give ds one bottle of Aptamil a day, to stop him getting constipated, and boy did we notice the difference with that bottle!

How are you mixing it? If you do it with cold tap water and mix it by rolling the bottle quite slowly (don't shake), it shouldn't go thick for quite a while. It goes thick as it gets warmer (so not great when the weather is hot). Its not supposed to be thick when they drink it though - a tiny bit thicker than normal formula but not enough to clog the teat. At home I used to whisk it with a fork.

Reflux is the pits isn't it. You do have a good chance that it will stop when your dd gets onto solids though.

My only other suggestion is ....

... outfits with matching bibs!

naswm Wed 24-May-06 19:37:05

lots of empathy for you girls coping with this. I have been there and done that, as they say. The constant sicking and clearing up and changing clothes and washing and drying... day in day out and nights too.

All I will say from my expeience is that it DOES get better. I went through so many different milks and medicines and tbh they all had their advantages and disadvantages it is almost trial and error what suits your particularly child better.

Good luck girls. Keep asking if there are any specific questions. There are lots of people on MN who have been through this. (That mixing with cold water and rolling in the hands thing is the pits isnt it?)

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