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Broken Milk Tooth

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Shelleystreff Mon 13-Apr-09 20:22:55

my 21 month old son today fell over and knocked his mouth on our coffee table,and as a result has broken his front milk tooth. I would say that one third of it is missing from the bottom up(but luckily his gum seems ok).

He cried only for a few minutes and seems fine in himself, but I am so upset about it and will take him to the dentist tomorrow. Does anyone know if the dentist will be able to repair it slightly as it looks awful! I know he's lucky as it could have been much worse, but I am just so upset!!

MUM23ASD Mon 13-Apr-09 21:20:48

no advice...just wanted to say i feel for you1 I would be so upset too...and the little darlings bounce back so fast too!!! He's probably running around as if nothing happened- whereas you are probably wantint to constantly check him!!!

DS2 when about 3yrs tripped and fully knocked out front tooth- DH pushed it back into socket- it stayed in for 4 years! It did discolour over time- but his adult tooth that came through was positioned perfectly (I worried that it would be affected by the hard knock)

Shelleystreff Tue 14-Apr-09 20:16:49

Thank you, That has made me feel a bit better!

foz76 Fri 19-Jun-09 19:21:49

Hi there, my 16 month old son fell flat on his face a few weeks ago and like Shelleystreff, he has knocked approx a third of his front left tooth out.I was distraught and seeing as it was a Saturday and so much blood, as he had severely cut lip, we took him to the emergency dentist. She said it would go black and fall out in time, but to be careful that his gum above didnt get infected. If this happens we have to take him to hospital for the tooth extracted.

Has anybody had a similar experience?

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