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Really painful blisters on hands - what can I do????

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Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 10:17:30

OK so it's really my own fault - while DH was in the office yesterday I decided to go out in the garden, borrow the next door neighbours axe and start hacking the ANCIENT pile of (crap) fire wood to pieces to put it in our new 'brown bin' (from the council for garden waste). They accept 'small brance', 'twigs', and 'bark chipping' but not large branches or tree trunks - so chopping up was the best option.

I WAS wearing gardening gloves and my hands DID feel sore (of course they would I was chopping wood for 2 1/2hrs!). But when I took the gloves of I discovered why - 2 blisters on my hands. One large one roughly the size of a 2pence piece on my right hand near my thumb joint and another one about the size of a 5p on my left hand right at the bottom of my ring finger.

Both had 'burst' - and today are really painful (just had a shower and they stung like crazy) - also got achy legs, back and arms - but that's another story LOL.

Is there anything I can do to make them more comfortable???

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 10:18:44

ooh no but [[[hugs]]] any way ow!!

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 10:53:21


Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 11:01:07

someone must have some ideas.........

or does nobody care

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 11:10:19

I'm going to cry now - only one person cares enough to even say 'no they don't know anything to help' ....................nobody likes me, everybody hates me, may as well go and eats worms.............

NotQuiteCockney Mon 25-Apr-05 11:13:16

Oh, don't be silly Gwenick!

If the blisters are from rubbing/pressure, you could use blister plasters. I've only used them on feet, but I'm sure they'd work for hands. They're wet and strange and expensive, but they do make blisters hurt much much less, whether they've popped or not. Boots stock them.

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 11:13:42

Don't eat worms, they won't help your blisters at all, and might upset your tummy so you'll have even more to worry about.

I don't think there's much you can do with blisters, to be honest. You could try slapping something like Sudocreme on to soothe them and to stop the skin from being so tight, but I don't think there's much else you can do.

I'd love to be proved wrong, though

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 11:17:24

eating worms won't help??? You're kidding!!! oh well better go and spit these out then...................

NCQ - 'expensive' not a word that rings well in my ears - thanks for the idea but have to give it a miss LOL

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 11:19:22

Sorry to disappoint you, Gwenick .

Perhaps you could use the masticated worms as a poultice on your hands. Although you might get some funny looks ...

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 11:20:04


WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 11:22:49

You would eat them but not put them on your hands????

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 11:23:30

It's the thought of half eaten worms on my hands that gets me LOL

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 11:23:59

Strange, that!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 25-Apr-05 12:02:42

Well, they're not very very expensive. About 50p each? Maybe a pound? And they last for a few days, at least on feet. And they really do reduce pain.

Otherwise, I'd put regular plasters on them, I guess, to avoid rubbing. Or thin gloves?

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 14:10:35

ok ..have done some research,,,get a clean washing up bowl..fill with 1/4 full then add some lemon sliced up ..and then add 1/2 a bottle of .archersor a whole bottle depending on the severity of the blisters...then add 1/2 bottle lemonade...and gently .....................soak head in it!!! wont cure the blisters but you wont give a toss about them ,,,!

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 14:11:14


almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 14:13:38


Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 15:44:39

oooooooooo - vat woz hic nize

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:00:34

bet you feel better hic

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 16:05:24


I do (though don't tell anyone I'm dunk in charge of kids!) Even went out and chopped up a bit more this afternoon

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:06:58

chopped up a bit more wot???

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:10:25

oh the wood sorry i had forgot how you got the blisters lol

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 16:22:12

LOL - I think you must have tried the 'cure' before recommending it LOL

almostanangel Mon 25-Apr-05 16:44:18

of corz i hic did icodont pozzlible tell uo to dwinkipoo summin i hadnot myself twid hic

Chandra Mon 25-Apr-05 16:49:23

I was about to suggest something befroe I read that they have burst, so... sorry, my only suggestion would be to make your husban tae care of you like a quees as you can't touch anything without feling excruciating pain

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