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feeling awful after antibiotics

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whymummy Thu 17-Apr-03 19:34:06

i just had 10 days of strong antibiotics for a tooth abscess also i`ve eaten very little and now i feel awful with no energy and headaches my doctor has told me that multivitamins wont do anything but surely there`s something i can take to get my energy back,has anyone have any ideas?
thank you

Gilli Thu 17-Apr-03 21:46:32

Yes yes yes! Sorry to sound so keen but I went through the same sort of thing: try and find a homeopath in your area, who will give you a remedy to counteract the effect of the antibiotics and the abcess on your system. I promise you it worked for me, and it can't hurt you, so maybe worth a try, IMO.

tomps Thu 17-Apr-03 22:25:49

Also get some bio yoghurt inside you to replenish the good bacteria that antibiotics destroy. the good bacteria boost your immunity, so should help you get up on your feet again. The lack of energy and especially headaches is prob also due to not eating though - try chicken soup if you can't face solids - the protein is easily absorbed, so should start you feeling hungrier too. Very waffly but HTH. All the best.

griffy Thu 17-Apr-03 23:20:30

Ouch - you must be really run down - poor you. Have you tried Metatone or Haliborange vitamin/mineral tonics? They're not just multi-vits, there's something else in them - minerals I suppose (doh!) - that makes them a really brilliant way to scrape yourself off the floor quickly. HTH

susanmt Fri 18-Apr-03 00:37:36

Try some probiotics such as actimel.. I took them while I was on a long course of antibiotics for kidney problems and I am sure they made a difference - get your gut back to normal. And be nice to yourself - eat a little and often when you fancy something, until you get your energy/appetite back. Hope you feel better soon.

whymummy Fri 18-Apr-03 02:51:06

thank you all for your replies,i will try everything you`ve told me,although i had the tooth out two days ago as you can see by the time of the message i can`t sleep as i`m still in pain and my face`s still swollen and with 2 boisterous children to look after i just need to get back on my feet,the worst thing is that the tooth that`s caused all this is one that my dentist insisted on saving and by killing the nerves he promised me it would never cause me any more trouble!

whymummy Sun 20-Apr-03 10:42:07

the infection has finally my ear so i`m on more antibiotics,more pain and more sleepless nights,still i have your advice on how to recover quickly,thanks

Paula1 Wed 23-Apr-03 20:12:30

whymummy, I always take some pills from Holland and Barrett called Acidophalus (sp?) and they put the good bacteria back into your gut and make you feel loads better after antibiotics

Finbar Thu 24-Apr-03 10:21:31

I was recommended Vits A C & E with Selenium by my Health visitor after 3 lots of antibiotics for mastitis - I think it did help boost the old immune sytem again. (Boots do them)

spacemonkey Fri 25-Apr-03 11:07:47

i can sympathise whymummy, i had the same thing happen (dentist took nerve out and said it would be ok but continued to have REALLY painful abscesses until they took it out), it really knocks the stuffing out of you. Would go along with everyone's advice - dose up on vitamins, try something homeopathic (can't hurt so worth a try), also echinacea is v good for boosting your immune system (get the drops). Now the tooth's out you should start feeling better soon - good luck!

whymummy Sat 26-Apr-03 00:43:54

thank you paula,finbar and spacemonkey i will follow all your advice,the ear infection is better but then i got thrush and this morning i woke up with conjuntivitis,aaaaaaargh any more infections?i`m never ill,but then i get everything in one go!!
thanks again!!

SofiaAmes Sat 26-Apr-03 23:09:30

whymummy, i think it's criminal that your doctor told you that multivitimins wont do anything. There is plenty of scientific evidence for the usefulness in many many ways of multi vitamins. My father is a famous biochemist specializing in cancer and nutrition and he nags me constantly to take my daily multivitamin.

whymummy Sat 26-Apr-03 23:52:44

thanks sofiaames,i`m glad you`ve pointed that out,i`ve taken vitamins in the past but that doctor made me wonder if i`d just been wasting my money,it`s good to know that she was wrong,thanks again!!

Finbar Sun 27-Apr-03 11:24:28

whymummy - DEFINITELY get some selenium if you are getting all thsoe other infections! Many comiserations too...but it WILL get better. A

Also Echinacea is meant to be good for boosting immune system - also glasses of chilled white wine, chocolate cake and a full body massage from film star of your choice!

whymummy Sun 27-Apr-03 11:33:45

oh finbar i wish you were my doctor that way i`ll have it written down on a prescription to show dh aaaaaaaaaaah if only .....

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