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Exhausted Child With Hacking Cough

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flamesparrow Sun 24-Apr-05 15:25:18

Poor little lady (23 months) has a horrible horrible cough, and has for a few weeks. Doctor didn't seem interested in it last Monday, and it has gotten progressively worse.

She coughed lots last night, and eventually yellow tixilix calmed her enough to sleep (until half nine ... unheard of for her). She has been coughing all day though and the tixilix isn't touching it.

Do you guys suggest anything helpful? Any surefire cough medicines?

Poorly little lady keeps waking up when she tries to sleep.

desperatehousewife Sun 24-Apr-05 15:34:59

poor you too...sorry, no ideas here - what about honey and lemon? or just lots of liquid. Hope she gets better soon

LIZS Sun 24-Apr-05 15:38:11

Have you got a humidifier or vaporiser, or even wet towels left on a radiator in her room. Also raising the head end of her bed so she is sleeping inclined may help.

flamesparrow Sun 24-Apr-05 16:16:04

... have just realised is croupy cough which is why the medicine ain't touching it...

Feeling a tad foolish.

Thankyou for your advice, off to my steamy room!

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