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hard lump at back of throat

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tiffini Sat 23-Apr-05 23:30:14

i had a bad throat last week, and since then it feels like something is stuck in my throat, well i have just put my finger to the back of my throat and there is a big lump that is as hard as bone there.

Anyone ever had this?

SPARKLER1 Sat 23-Apr-05 23:37:42

Tiffini - sorry can't help. Obviously it's not something that you have noticed before. Why don't you phone NHS direct if it will help put your mind at rest. x

tiffini Sat 23-Apr-05 23:40:23

yes i might do, i am rearly concious of it now i have touched it.

SPARKLER1 Sat 23-Apr-05 23:41:22

Let us know how you get on. x

tiffini Sat 23-Apr-05 23:44:06

will do, i think i will call them in the morning tho. They might think im'e a bit odd ringing this time of night over something that is'nt urgent

SPARKLER1 Sat 23-Apr-05 23:44:59

It might be a bit quieter this time of night though.

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 19:56:23

NHS has advised me to go to the doctor, they did'nt give much away.
just bumping this up to see if anyone has any clues, or has had it themselves.

AngelCakeUmm Sun 24-Apr-05 19:58:32

Could it be a Cyst?

tiffini Sun 24-Apr-05 20:05:14

i dont think so, it is much harder than a cyst, in fact it is rock hard

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