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lying here quietly and wanting it all to stop! [sad]

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oopsagain Sun 05-Apr-09 12:30:54

I am ill yet again.
For tht third time since mid feb i have a cough and sore throat.
Now it has become full blown sinusitis and it is bloody awful
I have a mild fever and am lying in bed shivering.

I had soem steroids for 14 days mid feb for another unrelated problem,
and i can;' help blaming them for all of this.
The kids have had this bug and just shaken it off.

I've had 3 days where i felt well in about 5 weeks.


i had anti biotics the first time round as i wans on steroids at that point... but they finished about 2 weeks ago.
oh my head jhurts.
Full of paracetamol

and it;s first day of school hold tomorrow sad

coppertop Sun 05-Apr-09 12:39:57

Oh no. Sinusitis is horrible.

I hope it clears up asap and that you stay bug-free for a very long time. xx

oopsagain Sun 05-Apr-09 12:51:14

oh thanks coppertop.
how are yiu doing?

you helped me out and kept me sane when ds1 was worrying me- i appreciated it very much.

i used to get sinusitits as a child. it was absolutely grim.

and still is- i feel like i#ve been kicked in the face sad

LuluisgoingtobeanAunty Sun 05-Apr-09 12:59:34

i think you should get more ABs. they really do make the difference for sinusitis, you have my sympathy. tis an awful pain. have you got sinutab? paracetomal for your fever?

coppertop Sun 05-Apr-09 13:00:36

I'm doing okay thanks and glad I was able to help with your ds1.

You have all my sympathy with the sinusitis. It's painful enough when it's just an ordinary stuffy head so the real thing must be excruciating.

oopsagain Sun 05-Apr-09 13:02:02

sinutab makes me puke sad

but am having paracetamol


oopsagain Sun 05-Apr-09 13:04:12

ds1 is doing alot better- he's developing in a very strange way.
but he has friends and is learning to interact with people now.
he's doing well smile
not asaperger's- jusk a bit strange smile

LuluisgoingtobeanAunty Sun 05-Apr-09 13:05:07

Poor you, hope you are on the mend soon.

psychomum5 Sun 05-Apr-09 13:08:40

oh dear. <<sympathy>>

where are yoou tho?? we have just started our easter your LEA doing different hols to other parts of the country??

Salleroo Sun 05-Apr-09 13:16:56

How about trying some steam inhalations for the sinusitus? Do you have any peppermint oil or olbas oil. Add a couple (and only a couple) of drops to a bowl of steaming water, pop a towel over your head and inhale. Repeat about 4-5 times a day. It does sound like you prob need more ab's to clear it.

If you are a smoker, you really shouldnt while suffering.

Are you taking a good daily multivitamin and or Vitamin C?

oopsagain Sun 05-Apr-09 13:54:23

my temp is now 102 and i'm too shae]key to get out og bed.
dh taken the kids out- bless him [smil

oopsagain Sun 05-Apr-09 23:03:49

am bloody worn oout,
and not looking forward to tomorrwo- it's school hols and my kids are very excited sad

Jajas Sun 05-Apr-09 23:07:27

Oh you poor thing sounds grim. Can you farm children out for a couple of days whilst you rest and recuperate?

examtaxi Sun 05-Apr-09 23:52:03

Steroids suppress your natural immune response and resistance to infection. You need to see GP for assessment and maybe antibiotics, I think.

Hope you feel better soon.

oopsagain Mon 06-Apr-09 13:43:18

got a docs apt today for 3pm.

i was supposed to go to hospital today for a preocedure so now had to cancel that and stay home

I am sooo pleased my after school nanny was free to take the boys to the park.
I'll feel better tomorow grin- i will, won't i?

marmitebabe Mon 06-Apr-09 15:57:18

I sooo hope so - sounds like you are really run down hun - any chance of getting away to the seaside for a couple of days? The sea air does wonderful for the old sinuses.

Take care of you {{{hugs}}}

tiredsville Mon 06-Apr-09 16:12:11

Do you wash your sinuses out Oops?

oopsagain Mon 06-Apr-09 23:56:29

how do you wash out sinuses?
<wonders if actaully wants to know the details>

I think bracing air would make my sinuses worse tbh.
it's like when your teeth are senitisve to cold and heat.
The whole of the side of my face is sensitive- so a breexe os agony really...

got some anti-biotics, so will rattle with paracetamol and amoxycillin tomorrow smile

Chellesgirl Tue 07-Apr-09 14:56:59

Take some Abidec or Similar Multi vitamins.

tiredsville Tue 07-Apr-09 20:59:23

I had chronic sinusitis, which the ent than suggested I should maybe think of having an operation. I than tried a product called Sinurinse which is a solution in a bottle that allowed me to wash all the shit (infected snot) from my head. It is wonderful and touch wood I have been ok and no operation is needed.
If your sinusitis is chronic, (keeps coming back) antibiotics then become pretty useless. Works in the short term but not the long I'm afraid.

marmitebabe Tue 07-Apr-09 21:14:08

How you feeling today?

LizzieBear68 Tue 21-Jul-09 18:34:09

I tried some rinses and even a Neti Pot and nothing seemed to work.
Now I have had a CT Scan and I have been presented two options:
Sinus Surgery or Balloon Sinuplasty.

Sinus Surgery I know about and have heard both good and bad. Has anyone out there had the balloon procedure or know anyone who has?

Thanks and be well.

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