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Right stupid baby question but?????

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Gomez Fri 22-Apr-05 23:07:08

DD2 has been a royal pain in the butt for a few days now - looks to have about 400 teeth busting through coupled with a bad cold (sounds like Eartha Kitt) but tonight she has been really unsettled and has now got blood tinged boogies. Not a nose bleed just red snot! My gut feeling is fine just inflammed membranes etc. But is there anything else I should be thinking about? Temp is currently (well last time she was up about 30 mins ago) 40.8. She is pale but generally alright still whinging which I always take to be a good thing - just wondered?

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 23:10:36

that temp is very high, can you call NHS direct

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:12:08

DP daughter was like that last weekend, she has a back teeth coming through (shes nearly 2) almost exactly the same symptoms, I took her to the pharmacist and they said just give lots of cuddles and calpol, we put her in the travel cot in our room to prevent her waking up Big brothers as she wouldn't sleep through the night

hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 23:16:11

40.8 is very high - DS's was 40.9 the other day and I was very worried about him. Turned out he had a urinary tract infection - no blood-tinged bogies, obv, but I would definitely ring NHS Direct for a temp that high. Don't think teething by itself can cause a temp that high.

Gomez Fri 22-Apr-05 23:17:46

Thanks guys.

Tiffini she does tend towards high temps when not great and I THINK current advise it not to get too excited about temp. as it doesn't really mean that much IYSWIM if they are generally alright. 99.9% of me thinks she has got the cold and is teeting and the other 0.1% is thinking but what if? She is only 10 months too so till ickle.

Gomez Fri 22-Apr-05 23:18:48

X posted Hunker sorry. I might go up in 30mins or so and try and check temp again.

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:19:07

Have just noticed temp, that is high DP DD reached 38.9. dont think Calpol would bring that down!!

Blossomhill Fri 22-Apr-05 23:19:07

I would call NHS direct without a doubt. Not worth taking any chances.

hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 23:23:19

Have you got baby nurofen in the house? That's what NHS Direct said to give DS (brings down temps faster). If it goes too high, there's a risk of fits, which is what they were worried about (me too - DS was like a hot stove to touch - dry heat, no sweating).

Gomez Fri 22-Apr-05 23:27:05

Thanks again hunker - I gave her Nurofen about 9.30 and she then slept for roughly an hour. She is sweaty and sleeping in just her nip-nap with a cotton sheet over. I will pop up soon and try and check her temp.

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 23:29:25

is her temp that high after diving her Nurofen? If so i would rearly get her checked out.

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 23:29:51

giving sorry, not diving

hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 23:29:51

It could be that she has an ear infection if she's had a cold and is teething. Poor little girl You can give Calpol or Disprol now - if you intersperse the doses or nurofen and paracetamol that will manage the temperature better. But obviously don't go over the recommended daily dose (and remember that a day is a 24-hour period, not from first thing to bedtime - I always have to remind myself of that!).

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:32:39

I would get some advice Gomez, Advice doesn't cost anything, doesn't matter if they say the same as us,a least you will know you're doing all you can.

Gomez Fri 22-Apr-05 23:41:29

Temp is still v. high, now reading 41.3 - have called NHS 24 and am awaiting a call back. She is asleep and quite settled but not sure if that is a good thing or not as normally I would have expected her to stir when I stuck the thermometer in her lug. Hope she is okay.

Chandra Fri 22-Apr-05 23:42:35

20 minutes in a tepid bath could lower the temperature. Don't want to scare you but fevrile convulsions are possible at that temperature. If she had also a red snot I guess is time to call NHS direct now. IT's free, you don't loose anything, and you may prevent the condition getting worse.

Ph: 0845 4647

hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 23:42:41

That's VERY high. If NHS Direct don't ring back within an hour, I'd take her to A&E if at all poss.

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:43:00

Have you given her anymore Calpol/DIsprol/nurofen?

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 23:43:19

please let us know what they say when they call back,
hope she is ok

hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 23:43:39

Try damp-sponging too - and leave her to air dry. She'll probably hate it, but it'll bring her temp down a bit.

Chandra Fri 22-Apr-05 23:44:23

Try to wake her up, if she doesn't stir and feels floppy ring NHS direct and tell them the condition has deteriorated. They will send an ambulance if that is the case.

hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 23:45:34

Agree that you should wake her up, especially since her temp's still going up.

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 23:46:52

i aslo agree that you should wake her, when my little ones have a temp i walk them up and down the garden path at night, less shocking than a damp sponge.

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 23:48:50

i mean i carry them, i dont make them walk

Gomez Fri 22-Apr-05 23:52:14

Thanks - dealing with it right now. She is NOT well. PIL on their way, DH on his way home from pub (poor guy he hardly ever goes out). She won't even latch on , just lying on my lap, just very unintrested in things. Thanks again - I just knew something wasn't right.

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