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severe gum disease

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skymonkey Sat 04-Apr-09 13:49:12

hi all, i've lurked but not posted before, but i'd really like to know if there is anyone in a similar situation to me?
i've got severe gum disease which has got rapidly worse over the past few years while i've been pregnant and breastfeeding and generally neglecting myself.
i'm now being treated at a dental hospital and am sure i'll get good professional care and advice there but would really love to chat with fellow sufferers as i don't know anyone else with this condition and i suspect there aren't many since the consultant did say i was a very severe case especially for my age.
so anyone else desperately clinging on to their lovely teeth set in dreadful gums?

southeastastra Sat 04-Apr-09 14:03:50

hello skymonkey!

how severe is it? do they bleed all the time?

did have quite bad gum disease but cured with lots of trips to hygenist

cositjustisok Sat 04-Apr-09 14:21:10

Hi Skymonkey....been in a very similiar situation myself and got really bad during my 4th really affected me mentally and my whole days revolved around obsessing about my teeth and worry when they where all gonna drop out, and only in the last year do I feel I can actually "talk" about my gums and teeth....

I have always went to the dentist every 6 months but the severity of the final attack was ferrocious and involved lots of costly work to rectify everything. I am still obsessed with my teeth and floss and clean my teeth to the best I can and jsut hope I can keep it at bay...not much help but if you need any questions answered I may be able to help. Should say my best friend is now my Sonicare electric toothbrush...its the DB's. grin

skymonkey Sat 04-Apr-09 14:22:50

Hi, thanks for your reply. It is very bad, my gums have receded badly and I've lost a lot of bone. They're going to do what they can for me but basically I should expect to lose some teeth, of not all of them...

skymonkey Sat 04-Apr-09 14:26:50

Hi cositjustisok, yes I'm in the obsessive phase after a few years of denial. Popping vitamin supplements, brushing, flossing all the time. Was there anything in particular that you found helped in your hygiene routine? I have an electric toothbrush, use intradental brushes, and corsodyl mouthwash. have just got some corsodyl toothpaste too. and am always chewing gum too. hope I start to relax soon. apparently stress is very bad for gums too, aargh!!!

skymonkey Sat 04-Apr-09 14:30:09

oh also, what treatment did you have? I think i am going to get some really thorough cleaning and antibiotics at the hospital, and then who knows....

cositjustisok Sat 04-Apr-09 15:09:55

Hi Skymonkey...can I ask how old you are, and if you have ever smoked and how many pregnancies...sorry all the questions jsut trying to build a picture of you and try and see if we have any similarities...My hygiene routine is now fine tuned and my dentist says it is working brilliantly.

Sonicare tootbrush morning and night
Floss with tape and about once a week extra floss with the "fluffy" Oral B expands or something
Never put water on my toothbrush to brush my teeth
Never rinse my mouth after brushing
About half an hour after brushing my teeth I use a as not to wash away the toothpaste benefits.
NEVER EVER EVER brush my teeth within an hour of eating anything!!!
Use interdental sticks and floss a wee bit to get any food out of my teeth after eating.
Chew gum after every meal.
USe an enamel strengening tootpaste like Arm and Hammer..expensive..but think it is the best and my teeth are so worth it.

See told you I obsess about my teeth....but it is so important to me to do my best with what I have left.

After my 4th pregnancy I had severe recedding gums and this also resulted in bone lose. It was particularly bad on my front teeth which are crowned..and I had to have these replaced as the black margins made me look like a witch!!!!..I had some other crowns replaced but not with the materials used on the expensive front ones...too save a bit of money. I also had a deep clean..think it was done over 4 visits to the hygenist and this was to get any plaque and tartar out that was pushing the gums away fromt he teeth.. I had pockets on some teeth which is a sign of gum disease and these have since gone so I know my treatment has helped it.

Right that should give you a wee bit to think about..happy to answer any more questions cos I just know how upsetting this is and will do all I can to help you

skymonkey Sat 04-Apr-09 15:26:20

Hi again, thanks for sharing all that info with me, I'll try follow your routine. Which mouthwash do you use?
I'm 32, and have 2 children. The consultant said that I'm genetically susceptible for some unknown reason (although neither of my parents has this) she mentioned a heightened immune response to the bacteria and also took some blood tests. I'm wondering if I'm deficient in something perhaps after 2 pregnancies. The disease is actually called aggressive periodontitis and mine is a severe case. My teeth are actually pretty good, I have a few fillings in molars but otherwise nothing, so it will be pretty gutting to lose them :-(. I feel like such an idiot for letting it get this bad
I think I have lots of deep pockets so I'm really hoping the deep cleaning plus antibiotics has an effect. I've had cleaning by the hygienist before but unfortunately this doesn't seem to have helped.
Hospital appointment is in a few weeks so until then I'll try maintain a good routine and eat healthily
Thanks for your support

cositjustisok Sat 04-Apr-09 16:03:34

I use the dentyl PH but do also like the Oral B one and will buy either if they are on offer..if none on offer then I will buy Dentyl long as there in no alcohol in your mouthwash that is most important.. I was also told that I had the immune response to the bacteria that makes you susceptible to problems then. You may never loose a tooth as you are dealing with it any shakey or fee loose...even if there is they can put a little thing on the back of the teeth to brace them together . the antibiotic gel stuff is meant to be really successful to. What is also important is if you do smoke then the treatment you are about to have is not as successful.....and they will (if you do smoke) tell you this and encourage you to give up. You are doing everything right getting treatment in time and not hiding from the proble,..let us know how you get on at your appointment and good luck..will be thinking of you. If you have any more questions ..feel free to ask..happy to help

cositjustisok Sat 04-Apr-09 16:04:35

Tying too quick there apologies for typo's

cositjustisok Sat 04-Apr-09 16:04:49


skymonkey Sat 04-Apr-09 16:21:10

Thanks for the ray of hope there cositjustisok, I've been reading so much stuff on the internet that's pretty much doom and gloom. A few teeth do feel a bit loose but most seem pretty solid to me. I've never smoked so that's not a problem. And I'm now very committed to sorting myself out so hopefully the disease can be halted. The consultant did warn me about losing teeth though, I just hope this can be delayed a while... I'll let you know how treatment goes anyway. Cheers again. It's so good to know I'm not alone, I feel a lot better, you've really helped me chill out a bit.

cositjustisok Sat 04-Apr-09 16:28:22

Them few teeth that seem a wee bit loose now will tighten up nice and snug to the gum after you have your treatment done...the consultant is only telling you worse case scenario when he/she says "you may loose some teeth"...but it really does seem a long long way off...dont google ...... had me in a right state I tell you and only fuelled my anxieties about loosing my teeth. My dentist also told me due to the bone loss I could loose teeth..but like you this made me more committed to sorting it out....and i have not lost any.....the bone loss and gum disease can be stopped in it tracks.....and it will be with your treatment and with good oral hygiene I am sure you will have no problems...will follow this thread with interest..all the best skymonkey.

skymonkey Tue 21-Apr-09 17:40:23

hi just updating as I went to the hospital today. was hoping they'd get on with some treatment but it was just another baseline probing session, and photos- hope the dental students enjoy my case study! anyway I'll be getting the deep gum clean in 4 sessions starting in two weeks so hopefully things will improve after that. i'm trying to stay positive. the dentist I saw today didn't seem too horrified by my gums despite the large numbers he was reading out with each probe :-(. he also showed me how to brush my teeth, hmm... i actually do know this. and sent me out of the room with vaseline around my lips and purple teeth- thankfully I caught sight of myself in a mirror before heading to the bus stop! still feeling nervous about it all but no point in worrying, and in the mean time will get saving for those dentures...... x

noddyholder Tue 21-Apr-09 17:41:41

Apparently in the US co enzyme q10 a vitamin pill has been great in gum disease trials

cositjustisok Tue 21-Apr-09 17:49:04

Glad you have had your appointment skymonkey..least things can get started in 2 weeks...I remember jsut wanting them to start there and then but I had to wait too....more time for me to think!!!!!. Anyway was the purple stuff to show where plaque or tartar was? and what was the numbers like ie:3, 4, 5, 6 etc etc, also did he call a number out for each tooth?. Think he is measuring the depths of the pockets, I found this great to note down when I remember them cos the numbers will improve as you get the treatment underway. Thnks fo rletting us lnow how you got on.

Away to google about that vitamin pill noddyholder.

skymonkey Tue 21-Apr-09 22:09:15

Yes the numbers were read out, several around each tooth, ranged from 1 to 10!!!!!! And one tooth was wobbly, rated 1 I think. I've been taking coenzyme q10 and vitamin C too after reading some evidence about these being good for boosting the immune system. Also been taking some calcium just in case I'm deficient in that. Yes it is hard trying not to think about it too much for a couple of weeks....

skymonkey Tue 05-May-09 10:27:11

cositjustisok- what model of sonicare brush do you have?
i think i'm going to buy one. first treatment appointment got cancelled today as the dentist has hurt his arm. aargh!! feel like my teeth are just going to fall out before i get any treatment. so going all out to get home care routine perfect. i have an electric toothbrush but everyone seems to rave about the sonicare. just wondering if i have to get the very expensive one or if the other models are just as good for gum care? cheers for your help

cositjustisok Tue 05-May-09 10:44:07

Hi skymonkey...I have the cheapest model as had never used an electric toothbrush before I purchased one and did not want to make and expensove mistake. My thought was if it works then I will buy a more expensive one..Now I have it I am quite happy that it is the dogs Bo**** and the fancy expensove ones are no better. Mine was £40 about 4 years ago and still using it will try and get a link for you.

cositjustisok Tue 05-May-09 10:50:34

Cant find mine is the Sonicare Elite but dont seem to make it any more..all new names. I would look around for a good deal and buy the best one on offer in the Sonicare range....will look again when I come back in as got to go to nursery school now...back soon

cositjustisok Tue 05-May-09 13:10:58

Hi skymonkey..think I go for either of these models depending on your budget....I am now considering replacing mine as need new heads and your thread has got me thinking I deserve an update...tee hee!!!


also here

here too


skymonkey Tue 05-May-09 20:45:59

Thanks for all that, will go search out a good deal. Am feeling a bit sad as the gum around my only tooth that is wobbly has swollen up so I'm panicking a bit but trying not to disturb it too much. Happy shopping, hope you find a nice new swanky toothbrush x

angelcake99 Thu 07-May-09 10:36:42

I hope you don't mind me joining in, as I am in a similar position myself. My problems started during pregnancy and now I am begining to become tooth-less, its scarey at the age of 32 to be facing this. Off for my appointment at the dental hospital on monday to see what they can do but so far I have just been shown how to brush my teeth correctly and use interdental brushes. Thanks for the run down on your routines, i will try simliar, think i will also get a sonic toothbrush. Good luck to you both with your gum problems, and I will continue watching this thread.

cositjustisok Thu 07-May-09 12:40:53

Hi Angelcake....please do consider the sonic toothbrush it will save your teeth and strengthen the gums again... I think no amount of manual brushing will ever be as good as the thorough clean and tartar control that a sonicare will do. I hope your appointment goes well. Let me know if I can answer any questions. Good luck for Monday.

skymonkey Fri 08-May-09 12:25:50

angelcake, so sorry to hear you're in the same boat. it seems there are a few of us then. have you lost teeth already? agree that it is scary, and hard to stay positive.
best of luck with your appointment, and let us know how it goes. x

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