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Really Strong Drugs for Baby Teething

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highlander Fri 22-Apr-05 16:09:33

The bottom incisors weren't too bad. The top ones took a month to come in. 2 weeks of non-stop paracetamol, ibuprofen....... didn't seem to make much difference. DS was up all night.

Top lateral incisors appear to have cut through OK but I can see his top canine incisors bulging .........and we've had 2 nights of no sleep again. Drugs as before with a topical anaesthetic as well.

I'm desperate. DH will not take time off work to help me and I'm exhausted. 8 months of no sleep. Am I the only one who can't wait for DS to go to school (I'm serious). I bloody hate being a parent.

bensmum3 Fri 22-Apr-05 20:08:07

Have you tried homeopathic teething powders, my GP used to prescribe them or you can buy them at the chemist, chamomilla powders, worked a treat for my 3.

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