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What worm is this? Result!

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sharry Fri 22-Apr-05 15:40:23

At last after a week of hastle, the results ar in, a ROUND WORM! I'm so happy it not a tapeworm! Have had medication, didn't inspect it to closly just incase. Putting it all behind me (so to speak!) The whole family are being treated, they think it came back from Cyprus in me!
Thankyou for you reassurance last week, I was like a looney! Big Hugs to everyone!

Blu Fri 22-Apr-05 15:45:36

Hah! I said it was a roundworm, didn't I????

V pleased it is all over Sharry, I thought you were remarkably calm in a horrible situation - well done!

RnB Fri 22-Apr-05 16:09:07

Message withdrawn

foxinsocks Sat 23-Apr-05 16:13:13

well done sharry. I'm so relieved you have this all sorted out and roundworm seems so much nicer (if that's the right word!) than tapeworm!

chipmonkey Sat 23-Apr-05 16:48:43

What a relief, sharry, at least its one of the better-known worms!!! glad its sorted!

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