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Measles - anyone know what the incubation period is?

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dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 11:08:23

DS3 was recently exposed to a toddler who has now gone down with measles. He was playing with her nine days ago. She was confirmed as having measles five days ago.

DS3 is poorly today with a fever, bright red cheeks, a cough and a big spot on his face. Does anyone know what the incubation period for measles is?

tamum Fri 22-Apr-05 11:09:38

8-14 days, apparently, so it could be

tiffini Fri 22-Apr-05 11:10:22

10-12 Days

baka Fri 22-Apr-05 11:23:47

Look inside his mouth. If its mealses there'll be white spots like grains of sand on the inner cheeks. Called Kopliks spots- they're there before the rash.

Good to get some extra vitamin A into him. Cod liver oil has some, - if you are bfeeding you could take some yourself I guess (nice- not).

Hope it isn't.

ruty Fri 22-Apr-05 11:24:00

give foods high in betacarotene and vit A if he does have it.

dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 11:34:45

He's only a baby - not quite nine months yet. The older ones have had the MMR but obviously he's too young for it.

baka Fri 22-Apr-05 11:38:03

have you had measles/MMR? If so he should still have protection from you and may escape or only get a mild dose. Has the toddlers case been confirmed in the lab? Lots of drs aren;t good at spotting it these days. If he has the spots in his mouth it is measles if not may well be something else.

dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 11:39:37

I had measles as a child, yes. Am not at home with him atm so can't check his mouth. I don't know who confirmed the toddler's case.

dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 11:40:03

Should say, am still breastfeeding him - is that likely to be any help in lessening the severity of it?

baka Fri 22-Apr-05 11:45:22

The protection lasts up to about a year, and although it begins to wear off he should still have some. If you are bfeeding why not have some cod liver oil yourself- that'll make sure you have lots of vitamin A in your milk I guess (is it that simple? not sure- but can't do any harm to take some for a short while - obviusly you don't want to overdose on vit A). I'm sure bfeeding will help. it has to be cod liver oil though- not just fish oil- you need the liver.

One of my sons was expposed to chickenpox from his brother at 8 months- he didn't get it and paed said it was because he still had protection from me. He said then it lasts for about a year.

Pamina3 Fri 22-Apr-05 11:46:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 11:50:35

Thanks Pamina. I will check that out.

Thanks baka and ruty. Baka are you a medical bod?

baka Fri 22-Apr-05 11:54:34

no, not an expert at all, just interested. Bit of an alternative type really.

Hope your little one is OK. I'm sure he will be. Scary though isn't it? It is possible to get immunoglobulin (I think that's the right word) - and that can be given after a definite exposure. As he's so young your doctor may be happy to give it. Might be worth talking to your GP about that - he may feel that as you had it when young he'll have quite good protection anyway. That's one for the medically trained though!

dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 11:55:35

Pamina I went to the Ainsworths website. When I clicked on measles it asked me various questions and has come back with some other possible remedies for measles - none of which is the one Jimjams mentioned. So not quite sure what to do now...but I guess nothing to lose by ordering the recommended remedy anyway?

Pamina3 Fri 22-Apr-05 12:08:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinosaur Fri 22-Apr-05 12:09:56

That's what I reckon, too.

Marina Fri 22-Apr-05 12:10:21

Aha. Now I see. Hope he escapes with a mild dose of it, dinosaur.

baka Fri 22-Apr-05 12:23:26

dinosaur morbillinum is a remedy to take after exposure to measles- kind of like a mini vaccination- to try and stop it developing. The ones Ainsworths recommended (probably things like belladonna etc) will be to treat the symptoms of things like high fever etc if measles develops. Defintely order the ones they recommended- might be a bit late for morbillinum now. If you do want some morbillinum feel free to CAT me your address and I can pop some in the post for you (no point paying a fiver for a vial from Ainsworths I have lots here).

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