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Sorry, but please talk to me about PILES. Really TMI......

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MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 10:07:11

I know it's Sunday morning an d all that but I have been up all night and my symptoms are freaking me out.

I had piles when I was pregnant, they were painful and bled a little, but that was almost 3 years ago.

Last night I had nasty stomach cramps,diarrhoea and then massive amounts of bleeding from my bottom, including clots blush. I felt really weak and went to bed. I woke up at about 3am and more lower back pain and cramps, lots more blood loss and no poo, at this point I thought I was going to pass out.

This morning, more blood although less of it, lots of lower back pain, no poo.

I dont think I have external piles, and I was wondering if this sounds "normal" for piles?

Im sorry its so early but really could do with some advice. As you can imagine...a trip to the docs if its not necessary is the last thing I want to do. blush blush blush

Lawks Sun 29-Mar-09 10:08:49

It doesn't sound normal for piles, no. Get thee to a GP, lady.

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 10:12:37

Why doesnt it sound normal Lawks? Ive Googled it and it says excessive bleeding and lower back pain...thats it really. Which covers this but should it go on this long and feel ropey? I thought maybe the loss of blood might make me feel a bit wobbly and so maybe that is normal?

delllie Sun 29-Mar-09 10:26:22

it sounds more like a atomach bug you have picked up rather than the piles, irritation of the bowels could be causing the bleeding, agree that a trip to the gp would be best

delllie Sun 29-Mar-09 10:26:54


Hassled Sun 29-Mar-09 10:28:38

I don't associate piles with "massive amounts of bleeding from my bottom, including clots". I really think you should, at the very least, call NHS Direct.

SobranieCocktail Sun 29-Mar-09 10:31:39

Agree with hassled et al. Lots of blood and clots is NOT normal for piles.

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 10:34:01

Thanks Delllie. Would that cause so much bleeding hours after? I didnt feel nauseous, and the diarrhoea wasnt that bad, but the bleeding and back pain are really excessive.

I know I am angling here, but I would rather avoid a trip to gp if possible, its so humiliating...

What do you reckon? If it stops today then leave it?

aGalChangedHerName Sun 29-Mar-09 10:40:00

I would say that any bleeding from your bottom should be looked at. Phone NHS24 or go to docs.

Hope you feel better soon x

delllie Sun 29-Mar-09 10:48:57

I can understand your reluctance beleive me but I would still get it checked out to be honest, better to be safe than sorry. My DD had something similar and it turned out she had salmonella, the bleeding went on for 2-3 days.

SybilFaulty Sun 29-Mar-09 10:51:58

Piles tend not to bleed spontaneously - usually when you are passing a poo you can feel your bottom tearing a bit (sorry) which causes the bleeding. My money's on something like salmonella which could cause bad bleeding and back ache.

I too do not relish the prospect of getting my bum out for general inspection but needs must I think. You will feel much better for it, so make the call.


MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 11:26:09

Salmonella??? Wouldnt that have a fever with it and vomiting?

Ok ladies, well, it seems inevitable as pain and bleeding still happening and I am shattered.

Thanks for taking the time to give me advice about such a vile subject on a Sunday morning. I appreciate it. x

Lawks Sun 29-Mar-09 11:31:10

Good luck. Be brave. The doc might well not want to see your bum anyway. A description of symptoms might be all she needs.

Piles blood is bright red because it's just happened. And there's not usually much of it - a smear on the paper rather than a clot's worth.

BlaDeBla Sun 29-Mar-09 11:51:38

If you are still in pain, get yourself to hospital! Do you feel the need to go to the loo a lot?

I had some of the symptoms you have and it got worse and worse. I ended up in A&E twice before spending 10 days in hospital while they poked around.

I still bleed profusely sometimes which is terrifying, but at least for now, I know what it is!

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 11:56:15

Eh???!!! I cant afford 10 ikns at docs, let alone 10 days in hospital!!!

What is it Bladebla???

Oh, and there is not a clots worth...its about half a teacups worth...with clots in it.

BlaDeBla Sun 29-Mar-09 12:34:01

How horrible. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Don't be ashamed of what's happening. Have you been in touch with NHS Direct yet? 0845 4647. Give them a ring today.

I had an amount of blood that I thought it was a period. It's a lot to lose through the wrong place.

loopylou6 Sun 29-Mar-09 12:37:04

what colour is the blood?

choochoochaboogie Sun 29-Mar-09 13:00:09

Have you called NHS direct yet - don't hang about - get it done - you are more likely to find someone to look after DC today than tomorrow - and anyway you don't need another night like last night I guess....


MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 14:45:54

Have not long been awake and feel like crap. Blood is bright red, which I can only assume means its not higher up (ewww), Im ringing NHS direct now...thanks online Mums x

BecauseImWoeufit Sun 29-Mar-09 14:47:58

Definitely not piles and you do need to overcome your worry about showing your bottom to the GP! She/he will have seen it all before (and worse, probably).

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 14:59:18

Ok, have rung NHS direct, they are calling back. Am waiting for DH to come and look after kids, in the mean time dd (14) is watching other 2 and spongebob is "babysitting". Off to bed, via bathroom as nausea has now kicked in...cosmic.

BIW - How do you know its not piles?

BlaDeBla Sun 29-Mar-09 16:54:51

Hope you're ok, MoreSpam. What did NHS direct say?

BecauseImWoeufit Sun 29-Mar-09 18:03:57

These symptoms are not the symptoms of piles, IMO/IME. It sounds like something more to do with your bowels/digestive system.

ThingOne Sun 29-Mar-09 19:06:41

It's at this point where I come in and say if they tell you you need a rectal examination, don't put it off. I wasn't putting anything off and mine turned out to be rectal cancer. Unusual? Yes. A complete bugger? Yes.


MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 29-Mar-09 21:29:02

Hey ladies. I spoke to NHS direct who were great and got the emergency doctor on call to ring me. Its unfortunate but the poor woman could not quite understand what I was saying - maybe I wasnt explaining myself well, and she was implying again and again that perhaps I was menstruating. Anyway, Im not sure if we were cut off or if she put the phone down, anyway, feeling like shit (excuse the pun) so am having a day in bed doing homework, and I promise I will go and get an emergency appointment tomorrow.

ThingOne - can you tell me your symptoms? My mum has had bowel problems and so I dont want to tell her and worry her. She had similar symptoms and had part of her bowel removed and a colostomy bag for 6 months, until her surgery was reversed.

Anyway - bleeding has stopped this evening so hoping all will be fine.

Hope you are on the mend ThingOne smile

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