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allergic reaction to antibiotics...flucloxacillin

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lilsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 01:02:17

dd had been on oral flucloxacillin since thurs (was on IV's for 6 days before that) and today woke up with a very inflamed, hot, umpy rash on her cheeks..has now spread to her hands,legs and back, i have spoke to her consultant and he has said to stop antibiotics immediately, which i have.

does this sound like hives? can it take 6 days for a reaction to come out?

any advice really appreciated

lilsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 01:03:43

the only thing i could describe it as.. is like a nettle rash, some small bumps,some big, and very blotchy


bobbybob Thu 21-Apr-05 02:10:15

My penicillin reaction is not immediate - it builds up over about 3 days until it is unbearable.

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