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Costochondritis (Tietze's syndrome)

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Aimsmum Wed 20-Apr-05 21:24:21

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Wed 20-Apr-05 22:26:43

Message withdrawn

kkgirl Thu 21-Apr-05 07:00:08


My husband had it last year, it was so bad that he thought it was a heart attack. It did last about 4 weeks in the end, but the pain did ease once he was taking the painkillers regularly.

Is it worst when you are laying down, it was with him and I used to rub his back and chest to try to help the pain.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

Aimsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 11:32:07

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 14:39:43

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Fri 22-Apr-05 00:06:37

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Fri 22-Apr-05 00:11:26

Hello, its me. Would a hot water bottle help? Sorry can't come up with anything better. Hope you are better soon. I am off to bed now, hope you manage to get some sleep.

Aimsmum Fri 22-Apr-05 10:10:51

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Fri 22-Apr-05 12:36:07

Poor you, hope it goes away soon, sounds really nasty.

Aimsmum Fri 22-Apr-05 12:40:57

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Fri 22-Apr-05 12:46:46

Don't think I believe you!! . I always set myself a limit of being on here until 1.30 then I will go clean the bathroom etc etc, but somehow I am always still sitting here until 2.30 when ds wakes up! And I wonder why the house is such a tip. LOL

Aimsmum Fri 22-Apr-05 12:48:37

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Fri 22-Apr-05 22:04:34

Have You Seen This?

Aimsmum Sat 23-Apr-05 18:39:31

Message withdrawn

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