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Dont laugh! has anyone had a operation on their piles?

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kbaby Mon 23-Mar-09 23:11:04

Ive had them really bad since DD was born about 5 yrs ago. For the past yr ive bled while going to the loo so after being nagged by my mother I saw the doctor who has booked me in to do a banding and also to cut off excess tissue(I feel sick just thinking about it)

So ive come to ask if anyone has had anything similar. If so does it hurt, work and what did you have done.


MinkyBorage Mon 23-Mar-09 23:11:59

no, but watching with interest. kwym about feeling sick at the thought!

Miamla Mon 23-Mar-09 23:13:37

watching with interest, for a "friend"

Miamla Mon 23-Mar-09 23:13:55

lol x post!

moondog Mon 23-Mar-09 23:16:20

I had a boyfriend once who did.
Put me right off him.......

(He was a knob anyway)

Miamla Tue 24-Mar-09 15:35:06

bumping for kbaby, minkyborage and my "friend"

FigmentOfYourImagination Tue 24-Mar-09 15:37:39

I work for a general surfeon who also dabbles in a bit of colorectal work (delightful) so he bands a fair few piles during his working week. AFAIK it is a pretty straightforward operation and the recovery time is pretty quick.

cocolepew Tue 24-Mar-09 15:46:48

DH had them banded 2 years ago, he left little black bands all over the house hmm.
Lately he has been bleeding a lot again, he has got a letter to see a surgeon, but he isn't going. He had his problem fixed by homeopathy.

Last time I phoned the ward to say he didn't want the op and the nurse said "I'm not surprised it's horrendous!" shock

FelineOkay Tue 24-Mar-09 15:49:16

Oh dear. Piles.

Nope no operation here, I won't ecven let GP see them so no, I think I will just suffer in silence.

Mine only come out now and then, I think they may be seasonal piles, or something.

cocolepew Tue 24-Mar-09 15:51:06

Push them up, use a pile cream and do your pelvic floor exercises

<<stern look>>

SobranieCocktail Tue 24-Mar-09 15:51:06

Watching thread on behalf of an acquaintance...barely know her really...

FelineOkay Tue 24-Mar-09 15:52:25

Oh when I said mine I meant my friends.

yes push them up.


VinegarTitsCoveredinChocolate Tue 24-Mar-09 15:54:26

i'm watching on behalf of my neighbours, brothers, cousins, aunts best friend, who, i am sure, would be interested in getting rid of them via the homeopathy route, cocolepew??

VinegarTitsCoveredinChocolate Tue 24-Mar-09 15:58:00

Oh and she wants to know if bumsex helps get rid? grin

SobranieCocktail Tue 24-Mar-09 16:04:56

<<cries at the thought of bumsex with piles>>

cocolepew Tue 24-Mar-09 16:09:21

Bumsex and piles <<boak>.

We go to a woman who is an oestopath but does a lot of chinese type healing. Now don't laugh but she used a candle, on his head, I hasten to addgrin. It was lit and she passed it over his head, he went from bleeding loads to nothing within a day. Sometimes it's worthwhile getting your back checked as if it's out of line it can push piles down.

If you are lifting something pull your pelvic floor up.

Miamla Tue 24-Mar-09 16:17:14

my friend's piles were initially caused when she broke her back so interesting to read about the back connection cocolepew mentioned. Having a baby just made them worse! She was heard crying "my bum hole has just erupted" during labour
I have to admit I my friend shuddered before realising where the candle was used!

deary me, my poor friend

FelineOkay Tue 24-Mar-09 16:20:52

bum sex?

What is this bum-sex thing? I have never heard of it. [grimace]

Lawks Tue 24-Mar-09 16:24:41

cocolepew - my friend would like to know what you mean by 'push them up'.

cocolepew Tue 24-Mar-09 17:09:36

use your finger to,erm, push them back up your bum grin It's easier to do if you use a pile cream, it helps to shrink them and takes away any itch.

fridayschild Tue 24-Mar-09 17:16:24

Pilates does the trick, gets rid of piles - don't know about ones so bad they bleed, mind you, but for your common or average piles it works a treat.

A bit like pelvic floor exercises, but instead of having to remember to do them, you go to a class for 30 minutes a week where someone tells you to do them.

Pheebe Tue 24-Mar-09 17:44:21

My SIL had the op. She was warned by the surgeon that its one of the most painful ops you can have in terms of recovery as every movement disturbs the stiches iyswim. Having said that she feels it was totally worth it as she was in dreadful pain and bleeding alot, to the point she was anemic shock. She was advised to have it done because of the risk of infection which can be pretty serious.

Think it took her about 3 weeks to recover, first week was very painful and she definitely needed 'looking after'.

I think hers was quite a serious case though.

moondog Tue 24-Mar-09 20:39:29

Guffaw at this thread.
Also at idea that a candle waved over yer head can cure them.
Pheebe, feel a bit guilty now. Ex bf being a miserable arse 9no pun intended0 after piles operation was contributory factor in me breaking it off.
I remember huffing about 'wasting my Easter' sitting around the house with him while he healed.
(Mind you, he was well enough to harvest and bag up his attic full of skunk.)

choochoochaboogie Tue 24-Mar-09 21:46:34

Had piles years ago after birth of DD, went in to see bum dr who looked and said I'll just band this one now, it will all be over and done with quickly and you won't have to come back. What could I say I couldn't exactly object, he had me by the short and curlies almost literally. Hells teeth it hurt and I fainted in patients toilets afterwards which was bit inconvenient as I had gone on my own and left someone with the babies at home.

So even if it doesn't hurt YOU - go prepared - take someone and allow yourself a good week or so to recover. I never had one of those haemorroid rings but I think it would have helped - and anyway it can always be used for DH vasectomy later !! LOL grin

Sure it is different for everyone but I wouldn't want anyone to go what I went through. Have painkillers at the ready and sloppy stuff to eat like soup - or laxatives! Helped in the long run though.

snice Tue 24-Mar-09 21:49:05

You need the infamous Amateur Arse Doctor thread

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