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I am so so so disappointed to get - wait for it - a NORMAL result for my blood tests.

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PrettyCandles Mon 23-Mar-09 14:35:44

How's that for cock-eyed?

I was so looking forward to my blood-test results, at last I would know what was wrong with me. GP 95% certain it was thyroid, but tested for everything under the sun. I walked out of her surgery on Cloud Nine - looking forward to being told I had a condition that meant I would have to take life-long medication, but at least I would go back to being myself and not this feeble, knackered, dreggy, rat-bag.

But my results have come back normal, nothing wrong with me. So WTF is wrong with me. I want to cry (I have) and stuff chocolate down my mouth (I have) and to rant (I'm doing it now).


Nabster Mon 23-Mar-09 14:46:02

I totally understand how you feel.

I had blood tests as was TATT and they came back fine.

Have to wait another 10 days for some results for something else, and if they come back fine it is back to see the nurse and GP and then to hospital for a scan.

Saltire Mon 23-Mar-09 14:52:52

What are your sypmtoms? I mean why did they take the blood tests in the first place?

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 23-Mar-09 14:55:45

Which thyroid test was done? TSH or T3/T4?

I have secondary hypothyroidism which means I present a normal TSH but abnormal (low) T3/T4. My GP cannot do these tests, have to be done by endocrinologist, even though it is known that I have this problem the local lab will not perform them unless signed off by a consultant!

I would ask for an endo referral.

thumbwitch Mon 23-Mar-09 15:00:33

Where on the normal range were your results? If on the low end, you could still have an underfunctioning thyroid - the only way you would really know is if you had had the tests done before you started to feel tired etc., and then you could compare results. Since this is almost certainly not the case, it's a bit more tricky.

If you can't get any satisfaction from GPs etc., you could consider taking some seaweed extract tablets and see if it makes any difference to you - they contain iodine in natural food form - if you have low iodine intake it might help, if not then it won't do you any harm. They can be bought from Holland & Barrett or any other health food shop.

babypowder Mon 23-Mar-09 15:10:05

I completely understand your reaction, as I have recently been through the same thing. Would be interested to hear what your symptoms are.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 23-Mar-09 15:36:28

I have just got off the phone to my surgery. I had bloods taken on Wednesday last week because I wondered if I might have anemia (sp?) or thyroid problems. They have come back entirely normal.

I am knackered all the time - admittedly DS is still waking once or twice in the night for a BF so I'm not getting a full night's sleep and haven't had one for well over a year now, so maybe I'm just chronically tired - but then tons of other parents are in the same situation and seem to manage!!

micku5 Mon 23-Mar-09 21:09:32

I know exactly how you feel, I am experiencing a lot of symptoms of under actice thyroid, loss of hair, dry skin, tired, brittle nails but my TSH level was 1.85 but T4 16.4.

Looking at google it says my TSH is within normal levels but I can't find anything about my T4 levels and whether that is good or bad.

PrettyCandles Tue 24-Mar-09 13:59:19

I don't know what specific thyroid test was done, but just about every result was in the mid-range, including the thyroid test. Ferritin was 34 (normal range 10-299, but not for menstruating women. If symptomatic and menstruating, then under 25 merits further investigation.) Cholesterol and FSH (?) were also very slightly over and under normal.

Please tell me a bit more about TSH, T3/T4. Presumably my test was TSH, as it was done through the GP.

My symptoms are classic underactive thyroid, except for weight gain. I am very over-weight, but stable (weight-wise, that is - certainly not emotionally!). Alternatively my symptoms could point to peri-menopause, which seems improbable, given that my mum didn't start having menopausal symptoms until her 50s, and I am still in my early 40s. Of course the third obvious diagnosis is depression.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 24-Mar-09 16:12:02

Many GPs are not that knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with potential thyroid problems.

Would seek a referral to an endocrinologist and do not take no for an answer!.

OrmIrian Tue 24-Mar-09 16:15:09

I was there last Sept prettycandles. I really wanted to know what was wrong. But my tests were clear (in perfect health apparently so why did I feel so crap?). I ended up on citalopram and it helped a lot. Most of my symptoms went away incl irregular periods.

MarmadukeScarlet Tue 24-Mar-09 17:25:13

I will return with info (if I can find it) on T3 and T4, just doing tes.

cocolepew Tue 24-Mar-09 17:33:47

I've been peri=menopausal since I was 35, my mum was 50 before she was.

I have classic Thyroid symptons, but I actually have adrenal system fatigue. They are very closely linked, your thyroid feeds of your adrenal system.

dreamylady Sat 05-Sep-09 22:05:52

Just found this thread - if you're watching it, it might be worth looking at whether you have adrenal fatigue - not complete adrenal insufficiency (addison's disease) but just worn down over a long period for a number of reasons. I've felt exactly like you a few times - been disappointed to be 'normal' - but finally got some abnormal results - not via my GP tho.

Have been to see a nutritionist because as well as feeling, off and on, knackered and not right for about 6 years, i've recently been having IBS type symptoms and developed eczema round my eyes - have never had it before and am in my late 30's.

I cut out dairy and wheat and that stoppes the eczema but the nutritional therapist also recommended saliva test for cortisol and DHEA-S - both produced by your adrenal glands - and they came back outside normal range, indicating worn out adrenals.

i am trying to remain sceptical but am so hopeful of identifying what wrong so i can mend it!! so have agreed to take some adrenal supplement - there are lots of lifestyle changes you can make too but have already made most of them! the most important and the one i'm worst at tho is getting enough good quality sleep. you may need about 9hrs a night, starting 10 o clock.

oops speaking off which off i go.

have a look at this and good luck! the website's not v slick looking but this guy's done a lot of research and also produced a really helpful book.what's to lose? smile

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