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Perforated stomach ulcer - need reassurance!!

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Dahlia Tue 19-Apr-05 21:23:20

Has anyone had one, or know much about it? My mum was rushed to hospital on Monday with severe stomach pains and in the middle of the night was operated on - saw her today and she looked awful. Apparently her medication (for heart condition and arthritis) is all wrong and has caused the problem. She will be in for about 10 days, but I don't know how long after that she will be back to normal. She lives on her own and with all her other health problems its a bit of a scare really. Does anyone have any experience of this? I'm really worried.....

Dahlia Tue 19-Apr-05 21:55:20


Flossam Tue 19-Apr-05 22:08:25

It is quite a big op, but one that is performed frequently and I think has good outcomes. It will have knocked her for six, but she should be able to recover well. How old is she? I take it she is on some kind of aspirin product which has affected her tummy. She should have been on something to protect her tummy lining at the same time. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Dahlia Tue 19-Apr-05 22:22:00

Flossam, she is 69. She takes a right cocktail of medication, including some sort of anti inflammatory which is what the consultant said has caused the problem. thanks for replying!

suedonim Tue 19-Apr-05 22:50:33

My bil had a perforated stomach ulcer some years ago. He didn't even know he had an ulcer! He collapsed at work, haemorrhaging. They operated and he made a full recovery and has had no repetition. I think it's one of those things that if they catch it in time, you should be fine. Best wishes to your mum.

Flossam Wed 20-Apr-05 07:21:22

I hope she makes a speedy recovery, I'm sure if you go and see her today or in the next couple of days you'll see a big improvement all being well.

Dahlia Wed 20-Apr-05 11:59:32

that's encouraging suedonim - thankyou. She is moving onto a ward today from itu so that's good, and they said this morning she is very comfortable and slept well. That's more than I did! Just kept thinking the phone was going to ring with bad news.

Flossam Thu 21-Apr-05 20:17:04

Only just caught up with this. Looks like she is doing well. Hope to hear she is out soon.

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