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9MO with severe constipation

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jaybird Tue 19-Apr-05 14:19:57

ever since my DS went onto solids he's been constipated but in last month it's got so much worse. he's on lactulose twice a day but this has done nothing and he goes to the looo onlt once a week and when he does he's in so much pain that it breaks my heart. he's a very picky eater, although loves his milk and getting any solids down him is a nightmare. he also hardly drinks water so i know these 2 things are all part of the problem but don't know how to remedy them. Dr keeps telling me to up the dose of lactulose but it's just not working - any help would be gratefully received as i would love to eb up to my eyeballs in dirty nappies instead of the one rock solid one once a week!!

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