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Why am I so tired????

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lollystar Thu 19-Mar-09 18:25:50

I'm not pregnant and don't have an iron deficiency (just had bloods taken). My eyes are burning because I'm so tired. I drink at least a litre of water a day, eat quite healthily and get about 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. And yet... I feel shattered all of the time sad. I'm putting on weight, I'm trying to be more active - I've been jogging and swimming, but because I'm so tired I'm demotivated and miserable.
Any ideas?

EldonAve Thu 19-Mar-09 18:28:07

Have you had your thyroid function checked?

lollystar Thu 19-Mar-09 18:31:27

Yep, thyroid was fine too. The last blood taken had about 20 different tests performed and everything came back clear.

Beantin Thu 19-Mar-09 18:37:20

Any viruses/v bad colds lately?

Nabster Thu 19-Mar-09 18:46:59

I am the same.

Permanently tired.

It gets you down, doesn't it?

Huge sympathy from me.

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 19-Mar-09 18:50:57

If your thyroid function was done by your GP they probably only checked TSH.

I have a perfectly normal TSH but have secondary hypothyroidism - meaning I do not produce enough T4/T3.

Normally T4/T3 tests can only be specified by a consultant, even with my condition my GP cannot get the lab to do the tests for my - has to be signed off by consultant.

lollystar Thu 19-Mar-09 19:00:17

No bad colds - I tend to get a bit of whatever's going round, but bounce back after a day.
It is getting me down Nabster, it's making me feel really lazy. We're trying for a baby at the minute too, and sex is just the last thing on my mind at the minute.
Thanks Marmaduke - I'll have to go back to the docs and see what he reckons.

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 19-Mar-09 19:02:42

Loss of libido, being tired, cold, dry skin patches, odd aches, metalllic taste in mouth, weight gain, fuzzy memory, etc can all be underactive thyroid.

I take 175mcg thyroid per day and feel much better now, although still struggle a little with the weight.

lollystar Thu 19-Mar-09 19:07:42

Crikey, that list feels familiar!

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 19-Mar-09 19:09:15

Ask to see an Endocrinologist, good luck!

cikecaka Thu 19-Mar-09 19:13:42

That sounds the same as the symptoms my DD2 (9), and she was diagnosed as having an under active thyroid. Took 10 months of dragging her to my gp for him to finally refer her to somebody. Hope you find out what it is pretty soon.

cikecaka Thu 19-Mar-09 19:14:46

Apart from the loss of libido that is grin

Nabster Thu 19-Mar-09 19:53:42

I would try and get to the bottom of thi before you get pregnant as the first few weeks of pregnancy are unbelievably knackering ime.

KerryMumbles Thu 19-Mar-09 19:55:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cocolepew Thu 19-Mar-09 19:56:43

I was sure I had a underactive thyroid, but it was actually adrenal system fatigue, the 2 are very closely linked.

EldonAve Thu 19-Mar-09 20:05:53

If you are ttc then you want a TSH under 2 ideally

lollystar Thu 19-Mar-09 20:40:43

The doctor never said what the thyroid result was, just that it was normal. Thanks everyone, you've been really helpful

dreamylady Sat 05-Sep-09 22:12:37

just posted this somewhere else...

good luck with sorting it outt, and deffo sort it before conceiving. smile

alypaly Sun 06-Sep-09 15:23:54

sounds like under active thyroid

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