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threadworms, after medicine, when do they go?!

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woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:01:48

Hi, I can deal with poo and sick, but this is one that's making me itch !!

Gave some medicine to daughter from doctor this morning, she woke up screaming with pain just a minute ago.

When does the medicine kick in and work?!

Thanks very much.

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 18-Mar-09 21:03:09

Which was it - ovex? If so it is about 48 hours.

I assume you have teated the whole family? And have dutifully cleaned the whole house?

woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:06:11

vermox, must be the same sort of thing.

I have been cleaning all day!!!!

Doctor said I don't have to change bed clothes every, etc. But do feel like I need to do something every day!

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 18-Mar-09 21:07:32

I didn't do bedclothes every day.
Yup vermix is the same as ovex.

Give it 24-48hrs.

woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:09:44

Thanks for that.

what did you do? Do you have to be extra clean for 6 weeks, hoover every day? I'm not sure how extreme to be!

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 18-Mar-09 21:12:11


I just cleaned religeuusly on day 1. Vacuumed all of the beds.

Knickers in bed

Then I changed the beds weekly (as opposed to monthly)

Many recommend treating again after 14 days in case you have ingested more eggs - I didn't even do this.

woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:14:34

great. There's hope then!

It's really making me cringe, though! I suppose it's easier to cope with this than nits, in a way!

(haven't had that one yet!)

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 18-Mar-09 21:16:39

I wasn't joking earlier either - I amssume the whole family has been treated?

woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:19:03

yep, soon as I got the medicine I gave it to little one, I've had it, soon as OH came home from work, he had it.

Will definitely be having it in 2 weeks time too, can't stand the thought of getting it back!

Ledodgy Wed 18-Mar-09 21:20:12

DD had this a couple of weeks ago. We treated all the family. I cleaned the house from top to bottom and damp dusted to wipe away any eggs apparently the eggs ar like dust so can land on surfaces. We also had a second dose a fortnight later and we're all clear. Then on Monday she came home with her first dose of nits. hmm

woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:22:02

don't tell me that!

Did you wipe the toys with anti bacterial wipes or something like that?

Ledodgy Wed 18-Mar-09 21:26:49

Yes I did but I went a bit OCD over it so i'm not sure if that's necessary but it won't do any harm. smile

woody3269 Wed 18-Mar-09 21:29:43

I have a feeling I will be going a bit over the top too.

All I have managed to do so far is wash absolutely everything, in washing machine, and clean out daughter's bedroom, but ran out of time to do son's room and ours.

Hopefully taking the medicine today and doing the last of the cleaning tomorrow should help, do you think?

Ledodgy Wed 18-Mar-09 21:42:49

Yes that will be fine.

LynetteScavo Wed 18-Mar-09 21:46:16

I've heard you can get threadworms by breathing the eggs in as they float through the air.........nice. grin

Elibean Wed 18-Mar-09 22:11:30

Erm, in case it helps moderate the work for someone...I read on an official wormy website (think it was the Oz one) that antibacterial wipes and antibacterial handsprays etc are ineffective against threadworm. Damp dusting just as good.

Though when dd1 had them, I went utterly OCD as well - dettolled everything in sight and drove dh mad blush

Ledodgy Wed 18-Mar-09 22:13:08

Yeah I damp dusted everywere but by the time I got to the toys I ran out of cloths and found a pack of antibac wipes in the back of the cupboard so used those instead as they were damp iyswim. grin

oldcrock Wed 18-Mar-09 22:19:20

This is my method (a couple of cases over the last few years) - give Ovex in the morning. Then wash all bedlinen, towels and pyjamas. Clean bathroom and toilets. That has done the trick for us - no need for wiping down everything imo, although I don't have toddlers so may be different for them. Ovex definitely takes about 48 hours to work.

MissMoopy Wed 18-Mar-09 22:26:02

The medicine takes a couple of days to work. I gave dd Calpol to ease discomfort in mean time.
I went a bit OCD about it and cleaned house from top to bottom. But sensible to wear knickers in bed, bathe daily - it soothes itching too, and use wipes for bum wiping!
My dd has had them twice. If the worms are still wriggling when pooed out - sorry, its horrid, I know - then you should go back to doctor for more medicine. The first dose sometime doesn't work!

Ceolas Wed 18-Mar-09 22:29:57

Wash the soft toys too.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 19-Mar-09 10:26:55

took 5 days for my charge to be clear

and DEF dont forget to do the dose again in 2 weeks - and thats EVERYONE in family unless pregnant

Seriouslypissedatwigglywoos Thu 19-Mar-09 10:32:33

Woody took me ages to get rid of the bloody things and I have the chaps on my hands to prove the cleaning, My dcs still wear pants in bed and when they get up in mornings I wash their bums while they're on toilet

You do need to make sure you wash their bums every morning stop any eggs spreading, and hands incase they've scratched

morningpaper Thu 19-Mar-09 10:35:30

eugh I discovered some last night

Have treated everyone and cut and filed DDs nails down to nothing

Pants in bed and am boiling all bedding today - have new hoover bags and will toss out afterwards but will only do a one-day blitz

woody3269 Fri 20-Mar-09 20:30:22

well, touch wood, she hasn't come down again tonight so I think we are over that part.

OH doesn't think that the dosage left is enough for two weeks time, so I think I might ask for some more before the 2 weeks is up.

It's all psychological isn't it, I keep thinking I've got an itchy backside!

Thanks for all responses.

Idonthaveenoughtime Wed 15-May-13 01:35:02

tbh I haven't done much house cleaning except for tap tops and toilet seats. I decided that trying to eradication threadworm eggs is a bit like catching invisible fairies, it only takes one egg but if I can't see them how do I even know they are / aren't there? That was just going to drive me insane and give me OCD. So I decided to simply deal with what I could deal with effectively, by changing and washing bedding once a week (we don't eat off the bedding so I don't see this as especially urgent). I hot wash night clothes, towels and knickers religiously as I can then guarantee that any eggs on those are dead because they are temperature sensitive. Logically the most important step in stopping the transmission is to stop hatched eggs re-entering the bowel and mouth = fresh undies and fresh trousers daily and a good morning scrub of everyone (stress! My 3 year old is now a showerphobe). And religiously hand washing. Discouraging thumb sucking is difficult however, still working on that one! The threat of having worms forever seems to be fairly effective.

I am shocked at the paucity of academic research on the subject...I'd like to know exactly how long these things live on different kinds of surfaces etc, it would save a lot of people a lot of precious time and grey hairs.

Interestingly I have no idea how long we'd had them before I saw one in the flesh...I think I had severe itching last summer and put it down to yeast / utis, then it all sort of settled down for the most part. My children had NO symptoms. I think after a little while you become accustomed and the symptoms go away, I wonder how many kids (and adults) have them without even knowing?? I will never try on clothes at the shops without huge granny pants on again after this....

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