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calling all career folks, manic mums and people who feel crappy - supplements etc

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DaddyCool Mon 18-Apr-05 15:30:31

i need advice. i'm trying to juggle my home life with my career. i've been treading water with my career for about two years now since DS was born but now i've got a promotion and i need to step it up a notch. I've got no time for anything like the gym. I work all day, get home to bath DS and put him to bed, then I have dinner and possibly log back on to work from home then go to bed. there is no time for anything!

I feel like crap most days. I don't get enough sleep because of DS's sleeping habits and I need to know what kind of supplements i should be taking. right now I drink alot of strong filter coffee but i don't think that's doing me any of good! my diet is ok at home (plenty of fresh fruit and veg, no crap).

I'm looking for stuff I can consume at work. i'm thinking of substituting my coffee for green tea and i'm thinking of taking vitamin supplements and ginsang stuff or whatever. I'm not an expert on this. anyone out there who is?? Basically i need anything that will provide a boost but still be legal and healthy.

beansprout Mon 18-Apr-05 15:37:18

Cutting down on the coffee will help a lot. Replace it with something you want to drink though, if you like green tea, great, but try other stuff. The 2 litres of water a day is very important so that is always a good idea. I drink lots of weak squash as I don't always want just water.

A good multi-vit will help, Solgar are excellent. Ginseng is good for a boost but we can't just keep boosting. Decent food and as much sleep as you can (I know, I know!) will help.

That said, I feel like crap today myself!!!

motherinferior Mon 18-Apr-05 15:41:19

DC, are you getting any exercise? I know you don't have time for the gym, but is there any way you can get in a run/swim/good walk? I know it's difficult - I'm only just back swimming today, after a couple of weeks commuting and feeling that there was absolutely no time - but the reason I say this is because I've realised that for me exercise (which is a wellknown antidepressant too) is vital, and the difference between feeling like crap and feeling OK.

Otherwise water, try cutting out booze totally for a bit (arrghhh), and going to bed idiotically early can all help...was that article any help btw?

Donbean Mon 18-Apr-05 15:42:16

I highly recommend chocolate......3 times a day after meals. It works for me

Enid Mon 18-Apr-05 15:43:11

If you keep boosting with supplements with things like ginseng you will drain your adrenal glands and eventually end of with anxiety and possible panic attacks. You can't keep boosting without resting too IYKWIM. I am not a big supplements fan but a general once a day one should be OK.

Cut out the coffee! Have no more than 2 cups a day, aiming to cut it out completely. Drink plenty of water as beansprout has said. Try and give up sugar as much as possible too - gives you a quick boost then lets your sugar levels fall even lower than before.

Chew your food properly - did you know apparently 90% of digestive problems are caused by people 'rushing' their food.

You need as much 'good' sleep as you can get - make sure you stop computering/telly half an hour before bed so you can wind down completely.

There, thats my 10 cents

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 15:43:19

Mood food pills.... will go find the link.

Did sooo much good for me.

the mood food ones

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 15:43:43

And sleep to go with the pills

motherinferior Mon 18-Apr-05 15:43:52

Dark chocolate, the poshest you can get, full of iron and all.

Enid Mon 18-Apr-05 15:44:00

congrats on the promotion btw and welcome to wonderful world of juggling

TheVillageIdiot Mon 18-Apr-05 15:46:22

Try Berocca for the occassioanl pick me up, I find it's good. Also gets rid of any hangover. Not a long term solution though.

Try eating more fresh food etc having a walk out of your office at lunchtime and build in half hour you time in the evening. Can't recommend exercise enough.

Also have you ever tried (don't laugh) yoga?

DaddyCool Mon 18-Apr-05 15:49:22

ok. the mood food pills look interesting. that's kind of what i was looking for.

i must start walking to work more. that's probably the only thing i've got in the way of exercise.

i'm cutting out coffee as of..... NOW.

Solgar - sounds good. I'll have a peek at them in the shop.

Motherinferior - i haven't read the article yet but I will. i've printed it out and it's sitting right here on my desk.

DillyDally Mon 18-Apr-05 15:50:43

Why isnt DS sleeping?
What time does he go to bed and wake? A different thread i know - sorry.
For supplements or suchlike, keep drinking lots and lots of water which helps with concentration or rather dehydration reduces concentration

DaddyCool Mon 18-Apr-05 15:50:46

i've tried berroca and it seems quite good. i might start up on that again. yoga would be great but it's a time thing.

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 15:50:56

Cutting out coffee is a must for the mood food... I ended up a jibbering idiot because i was on a strong dosage mood food, and then had lots of caffeine

Had a spotless house that day though!!!

Enid Mon 18-Apr-05 15:50:56

don't waste your money on those pills - you need more sleep and excercise and less coffee and no booze.

SleepyJess Mon 18-Apr-05 15:51:44

SUNFLOWER SEEDS!! Honestly! I had never ever 'gone there' with seeds before.. (except to feed the budgie!) but am giving all kinds of new stuff a try now due to buying Dr. Gillian McKeith's You Are What You Eat book (missed the series..).. and SF seeds really do give you an energy boost.. AND kill the hunger pangs! And they don't taste all that bad either..

If you can't handle the seeds alone, try the little bags of mixed fruit and seeds from Sainsburies.

Very healthy.. and do the job re energy/gap filling.

And Papillon has recommended wheatgrass to me as a coffee alternative.. (gives a healthy kick instead of an unhealthy one!) you might want to try that.. I will as soon as I can get some.

SJ x

motherinferior Mon 18-Apr-05 15:52:18

If walking to work is the only opportunity, walk to work. Briskly. I sound like a crazed zealot, I know, it's just that I've had to acknowledge that exercise is for me the big difference between feeling crap and not feeling crap.

motherinferior Mon 18-Apr-05 15:52:50

Plus a Good Breakfast.

God, you can tell I'm a mum, can't you

DaddyCool Mon 18-Apr-05 15:55:30

i don't have breakfast. maybe i should eh. wheatgrass - what? as a tea or what?

DD - DS is just a crappy sleeper. we've tried everything. different thread i think!

the sunflower seeds thing sounds interesting. they are quite tasty as well, yes.

beansprout Mon 18-Apr-05 16:03:41

Breakfast is a MUST!! Most important meal of the day. If you leave the house with no energy it makes it all the more tempting to want coffee when you arrive at work. Something slow release like porridge or museli? What sort of breakfast stuff do you like?

Totally agree with MI - exercise is good. The gym is all or nothing. The usual suggestions like getting off a train/tube/bus stop earlier, taking the stairs (not the lift) or going for a walk at lunchtime are all good. Stuff the gym. Not necessary.

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 16:05:15

Is it just me that is insanely hungry midday if I have breakfast, but last til lunch if I don't?!?

TheVillageIdiot Mon 18-Apr-05 16:06:16

No I'm the same FlameSparrow. Breakfast seems to trigger hunger throughout the day for me.

beansprout Mon 18-Apr-05 16:07:21

There isn't anything wrong with being hungry at lunchtime! It just means your body knows what it needs!

Beetroot Mon 18-Apr-05 16:07:29

Message withdrawn

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 16:08:15

Meant midmorning

My last one made no sense did it??

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