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Help me please! DH been called in hospital, talking of WBC and Bone marrow

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lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 07:32:32

DH been unwell for a while and I finally dragged him to GP on Saturday. GP sent him for blood tests that were taken yesterday morning. Had a phone call at 9.30pm last night saying his White cell count was very very high and he needed to go to hospital and they were expecting us.
They rechecked blood and very very high (normal is 4-11, DH had 382!)
They have done chest xray but they just said they think its a blood disorder and something about bone marrow! Of course we are now thinking leukemia
I have had all of one hours sleep as didnt get home till 4am and baby woke at 5am. Im going back once seen DD1 off to school, and they said the hemotologist will be round first thing and we should have more answers then.
Anyone know anything other than cancer that it could be? Docs werent willing to say a lot last night tbh.
We all have to wear masks and gowns and his in isalation!
Help im panicing
Help Im panicing.

lubblyjubblies Thu 12-Mar-09 07:38:38

I'm afraid I dont kow the figures but know that severe infections or damage in the body can lead to very high levels of white blood cells.
Hope you learn more today and your DH can begin to feel better

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 07:52:56

thats the scarcy thing, he feels fine and no temperture!

Nabster Thu 12-Mar-09 07:55:43

No idea but thinking of you.

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 07:58:52

thanks nabster, i dont know how im functioning this morning but i need to feel like im doing something, so on here, on google and have phoned my sisters. I will phone his family (enstranged) once we are 100% with whats happening. They asked if he had any brothers or sisters yesterday too which scarced us more!

SybilFaulty Thu 12-Mar-09 08:03:09

How very frightening for you all. Am thinking of you and your family.

Sorry I caqn't be more help.

Nabster Thu 12-Mar-09 08:03:53

Lisa - I am fairly free today if I can do anything??

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 08:06:03

thanks nabster but all hands on deck from family, friends and people from your kingdom hall

hockeypuck Thu 12-Mar-09 08:06:05

Sorry you are going through this Lisad123.

I would not guess what it might be until you have spoken to the consultant haemotologist.

The reason they asked about family members if often for blood and tissue typing. Do try not to panic about this until you have all the information.

Do you have any support for yourself today? Is there anyone who can have the baby so that you can listen to what the consultants tell your DH? Or anyone you can book for a chat later in the day?

THinking of you today

Nabster Thu 12-Mar-09 08:07:38


Open offer.

noddyholder Thu 12-Mar-09 08:08:39

Agree try to go with him without kids.They sound great that they are on teh case so quickly and efficiently.Lots of health problems produc a high wbc so stop googling it will only scare you.Wht did he go to the doctors initially?

loopylou6 Thu 12-Mar-09 08:08:59

hope everything turns out ok lisa, thinking of you

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 08:18:17

I took him as he had had diahorra on and off for a year, but last 2 months been 3-4 a week, and last few weeks has been everyday. He looks like he has lost weight, is pale and drawn. He also tires easily. GP thought it was cealca (sp?) so wasnt too worried. I had forced him to go a few months ago as he has bruising and it was coming up with a bump. GP sent hom away saying he was fine

My dd1 is off to school and my dad is here to collect baby and take her to his house. Im going alone to make sure I get to ask questions, plus worried about how kids will react to masks and gowns

misdee Thu 12-Mar-09 08:18:48

when you called tis morning and said your dh was in hospital, i thought he might've fallen downsairs and broken his leg or something.

is mum having jaz today or do you want me to come and help? peter cant go into see D, as h is immune suppressed himself and isnt meant to go to hospitals if he can avoid it. so we can take jaz for a walk or round here for you.

is someone picking up T from school for you? have you called work, or shall i speak to karen for you?

misdee Thu 12-Mar-09 08:21:10

oh, already answered.

will have my mobile on if you need me.

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 08:22:04

LOL Im wishing it was a broken leg right now.

No dont worry about work, its my day off, will call Karen later.
Dad is taking T to school and then taking Jaz back to theirs. His going to pick her up too and meet me back here later.
Thanks though, may be needing your help the next few days/weeks

noddyholder Thu 12-Mar-09 08:22:14

I will be thinking of you today.It is good to have someone like misdee to help and chat she has had a lot of experience with hospitals,coeliacs can cause anaemia which can raise wbc so maybe the gp was right.Hope all goes well x

misdee Thu 12-Mar-09 08:27:33

hopfully its what the gp thought.

my amazing juggling skills are available free for postage. they are no longer needed by me, s available for anyone that needs them wink

i told peter D's wbc and he went 'ach i've had mine that high before' 'yes' i said, 'but you werent well remember' 'yeah, its a bit high'

he sends his love as well.

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 08:31:50

we asked about coelica's last night as we were hoping thats what it was, but they said WBC are waaaay too high for it to be that iyswim

TotalChaos Thu 12-Mar-09 08:44:44

best wishes for today, hope it's less scary than you think.

TheInvisibleManDidIt Thu 12-Mar-09 08:45:39

Thoughts with you and your family Lisa. Hope all is ok smile

Lizzylou Thu 12-Mar-09 08:46:52

Really hope that your DH is OK, Lisa

Portofino Thu 12-Mar-09 08:53:36

Hope everything is OK and they can get started soon on sorting out whatever is wrong.

ZacharyQuack Thu 12-Mar-09 08:55:41

Sending lots of healthy vibes to Mr Lisad.

lisad123 Thu 12-Mar-09 08:55:57

thanks everyone, im off to see him, will update later, hopfully with good ish news

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