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brown eggs in dds hair :(((

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nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 16:15:14

was checking dds hair today and she has quite a few brwon eggs stuck on hair, she has no live lice, what are the brown eggs???? are they live? will she need treating now??

im itching like mad now!

nutcracker Sun 17-Apr-05 16:16:17

Well they will hatch so yes she will need treating. Best thing to do is get a njit comb and comb them out with conditioner, do it every day for about a week.

nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 16:18:01

oh shit i hate the bloody things i had then at 15 i couldnt get rid of them oh well she will go mad when i tell her she will have to have her hair washed more often now

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 16:22:07

once they're clear, ASDA do a cheap tea tree shamppoo and matching conditioner. Works for my three as a preventative (smells uper fab!), won't clear them though.

nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 16:34:44

is the nit mouse stuff any good or is nit lotion best???

nutcracker Sun 17-Apr-05 16:36:52

Oooh will look for that myself when i next go to asda.

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 16:37:37

You have to ask the chemist, they have certain ones to give out on (i think) a rota so that they can try and keep them effective. Mousse, IMHO, worse than useless but that only me. Best thing is the combing / conditioner/ paper method. So I'm told, favour chemicals meself.

happymerryberries Sun 17-Apr-05 16:43:21

Nits! They will harch (most of them) and breed. Condition and nit comb rule, most chemicals are ineffective and you have to comb anyway to see if they have worked. Every 3 days for 2 weeks. Put a video on and bribe them. Do the whole family. It doesn't have to be tea tree conditioner, and cheap stuff will do. Wash hair and rinse. Slather the stuff on and comb out in inch area segments. make sure you cover the whole head

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 19:31:38

She's right, do it that way, I only try the other coz ds has terribly curly hair which is hard to comb and I gave up on that one.

essbee Sun 17-Apr-05 19:37:24

Message withdrawn

Peachyclair Sun 17-Apr-05 20:15:32

What, nits or curly hair?

essbee Mon 18-Apr-05 18:58:37

Message withdrawn

Peachyclair Mon 18-Apr-05 19:54:31

tee hee sorry was only jokin'.

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