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brown eggs in dds hair :(((

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nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 16:15:14

was checking dds hair today and she has quite a few brwon eggs stuck on hair, she has no live lice, what are the brown eggs???? are they live? will she need treating now??

im itching like mad now!

misdee Sun 17-Apr-05 17:20:28

brown are unhatched. she must have a live louse in there. get the comb out and the condiotioner and od both of your hairs.

grumpyfrumpy Sun 17-Apr-05 17:29:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blossomhill Sun 17-Apr-05 17:44:28

Yes she must have a nit in there that is laying the eggs. You need to check your hair too.

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