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Really bad ezcema on my hands - help - its getting on my nerves

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sievehead Fri 15-Apr-05 21:18:58

I am sick of using steroid cream from the docs, as although it helps to clear it up - its making the skin on my hands even thinner, and making the problem worse.

I have tried all sorts of things. I have had sleepless nights with the itching, one day last week I couldn't even drive it was so bad. No idea what triggers it, but has coincided with hayfever. I'm sure nappy changing/hand washing, and folding washing doesn't help - but does anyone else suffer from this - and have you got any valuable tips for me. IT IS DRIVING ME MAD MAD MAD!!!!!

Wallace Fri 15-Apr-05 21:26:58

I find anti-bacterial washing-up liquid really makes my hands flare up.

marne Fri 15-Apr-05 21:42:49

Any kind of soap brings mine up, im using steroid cream at the moment, i only use it for a week at a time, if i use it to much it makes it worse. It seems to get worse if the weather is cold or wet. I tried using neutragina( dont know if spelt ok ) that helped prevent flare ups and kept my hands soft.

kcemum Sat 16-Apr-05 21:44:25

I too suffer from bad excema on my hands which is worse in cold/wet weather. In between flare ups I swear by Hemp hand cream which helps prevent my skin from cracking or becoming dry.

happymerryberries Sat 16-Apr-05 21:47:24

Re the itching, advice that I was once given was to press on the area, as hard as you can, to try to stop the itch without scratching. It does help a bit, not a complete solution but it has helped me and dd who also suffers.

Sympathy, it sucks doesn't it. And well meaning people tell you not to scratch!!! ARRGGHH!

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