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Eye infection / Sty and breastfeeding...

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stickybean Fri 06-Mar-09 19:16:53

I think i have an eye infection, I'm not sure if its a sty or a general infection, just started feeling the pain this afternoon, will probably be clearer tomorrow morning.
Does anyone know if i can use eye ointments (Brolene / golden eye oninment etc) whilst breastfeeding???

Ledodgy Fri 06-Mar-09 19:18:49

Use breast milk it works a treat.

stickybean Fri 06-Mar-09 19:20:06

Really, even on the mothers eye??? I had heard about that for babies but didn't know it would on me.

Ledodgy Fri 06-Mar-09 19:21:59

Yes it's antbacterial and sterile, try it. smile

Mimsy2000 Fri 06-Mar-09 19:22:07

yes, defo worth squirting a bit in your eye. not quite sure how you position yourself tho grin

stickybean Fri 06-Mar-09 19:26:40

ok, very random question...could i take some out the freezer or does it have to be fresh. Got a lots frozen and can't be botheed to pump!
If not the position could be tricky hmm

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