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lucykatie Fri 15-Apr-05 11:39:38


waking in night when has been sleeping through.
red cheeks
flu like symptome i.e runny nose
very clingy
seems to be in pain
hot dd of 7 months has had all of the above BUT not all of the time, sometimes she is ok and seems happy then suddenly all hell breaks loose.

Last night was a nightmare for the whole family as she screamed the place down.

have given her calpol and nurofen [not together] and teething gel, but nothing seems to help.

please help as i will go mad if left to cope with this.

my dd1 never had any of the symptoms....just sailed through it all.

dropinthe Fri 15-Apr-05 11:42:05

Yes to all of those-invest in some Nelsons teething powders-in fact Boots ones are just as good-gives immediate homeapathic relief every couple of hours and keep up with alternating calpol and nurofen-thats about all you can do!!
Good Luck!!

brodiesmummy Fri 15-Apr-05 11:48:25

Not a boring question my DS is 5 1/2 months old and doing exactly the same.It is a nightmare isn't it!!!!!!

lucykatie Fri 15-Apr-05 12:12:55

yes it is a dd suffered badly with colic for 3 months and since then its all been very calm and happy......then....this!

so different from my dd1 she never had anything at all....soooooooooo easy in comparison.

BUT hey love em both so much so have to take the rough with the smooth i suppose.

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